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Chinese interpret assist commend home of 118 senior interpreters

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Report of Xinhua News Agency (Li Kun of Guo of reporter complete Xiaoshu) association of Chinese interpreter worker commended to be in 118 times interpreter of foreign literature art and domain of ethical Chinese interpreter are long-term and cultivated the interpreter home that makes outstanding contribution, grant them honorary title of ” of home of “ senior interpreter.
The Chinese interpret that Xi Liang of long Liu of Chinese interpret association is holding here assist the 5th National Council commends say on congress, this batch suffers commending senior interpreter home to be in in the past in a few years, the political quality with height, broad and profound knowledge, deep language strength and good interpret De Yifeng, wear for the friendship between Chinese people and people of world each country and understanding removed bridge, for China the solidarity of each nation, society progressed to make important contribution with economic progress.
He points out, commend to take seriously what senior interpreter home mirrorred country and society to work and translate worker to the interpreter highly, the height that is broad and profound to them knowledge and outstanding contribution is evaluated and approbate adequately, be outstanding to them outstanding achievement and working spirit promote energetically.
Liu Xiliang is encouraged in young interpreter worker translates domestic study to old generation, accede and carry on their good convention. He says, the China that enters 21 century will be more open, broad interpreter worker will produce mainer and mainer effect in international communication.
Chinese interpret assist begin commend activity of senior interpreter home had carried out 4 years. Interpret assist the committee of external affairs interpreter of subordinate, transmit interpreter committee and social science to translated committee to commend in all external home of 337 senior interpreters. In the meantime, classics China interpret assist approval, interpret of Shanghai, Tianjin, Yunnan, Ningxia, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi assist also commended early or late home of 63 senior interpreters.
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