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Translation: Advertising English Translation Aesthetics

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English in Advertising (Forum) translation process, in order to ensure the advertising style of language arts and reproduction of advertising discourse, the translator must be a thorough understanding of advertising products and advertising content and artistic form of discourse, following two different English Characteristics and expression of language habits, by faithful and accurate translation to reproduce the original Rhyme, beauty, simple language beauty of America. This article cited many examples of comparative analysis, presentation Aesthetics in Ads English Translation. Advertising as an application language, is widely used in today's society the exchange of media. To make advertising a special appeal, to draw the reader in an instant attention, stimulate their desire to buy, and eventually to purchase, many widely After much deliberation report is made, unique and beautiful words, syntax, succinct and rich in content, with a strong artistic appeal and artistic beauty of the language. Good advertising, not only has a high commercial value, but also has some language study Research value and aesthetic value. China's foreign economic and trade exchanges with the rapid deepening and expansion of the influx of foreign advertising to become China's enterprises and consumers to get goods an important source of economic information. Advertising English translation Translation related to marketing, advertising, customer psychology, aesthetics, and intercultural communication and other subjects of knowledge, from an aesthetic point of this paper to explore. Fu Zhong election said: "Translation is the aesthetic subject (translator) through aesthetic intermediary (the translator's aesthetic sense) to the aesthetic object (sic) to convert to another aesthetic object (translation) is an aesthetic activity." [1] (P28 ~ 29) and turn Translation standard of beauty is to ask the translator to faithfully reproduce the original content and aesthetic quality, requires the original translation has the same content and aesthetic quality. Because each nation, the historical development of each country vary, and thus shape Into their different aesthetic psychology and aesthetic standards. In the process of translation, the translator usually the aesthetic of the original processing, with as much as possible to make the translation equivalent with the original aesthetic effect. When the aesthetics and Advertising English translation "marriage", the translator will occur pen asked what specific changes? First, the Rhyme 1.Big thrills, small bills. (Taxi advertising) a). big boost, small cost. b). great excitement, small fee. Rhyme is the ad sounds loud and distinct rhythm, rich sense of music, gives a hearing on the United States pleasure. Advertising in English often means using a variety of voice performance, such as syllable and sound intensity, sound-step, pause, and Sound the same rhyme and rhetoric and speech, such as close to onomatopoeia, euphony, achieving the beauty of advertising tone effect. [2] in the translation of English advertisements should try to pay attention to the original Rhyme, try to use the Chinese language double-finals and Compound vowel features, coupled with changes in the Chinese characteristics of the length of syllables, so that advertising slogan read sonorous, powerful, smooth ease. The above example, the original and the translation b are Oshio rhyme, making the translation of sentences and the sentence are equally attractive, catchy, easy to Widely read. 2. Red hot fashion at Ravel. Sizzling styles. All these and many, many more. In a riot of colors, plain or what you fancy. You want it. We've got it. Revel. Who else? (Shoe ads) a). Lavelle hot fashion, fashionable, and all these and more, fancy, plain, or you like, you want it, we own it, except Lavelle, who will? b). Lavelle hot fashion, hissing hot fashions, all of these and many, many, colorful, simple, everything, including your satisfaction. You want it, we own it, except Lavelle, also Who would? If the English alliteration (alliteration) is the pride of English, U.S. English mainstay of phonological access, then the Chinese word is reduplicated Another more brilliant rhythm landscape. [3] on the case, a translation and the translation b compared to b asked easily find expression in the use of a stack of Chinese words and catchy sound, their rhythm and the mood of the United States to create waves, sound and color, a dynamic description of the shoe style, color and style, so that goods shape Like the vivid reproduction of the audience present. The translation is not a mistranslation, but reading less. 3. Pepsi - Cola hits the spot, Twelve fullounces, that's a lot, Twice as much for a nickel, too, Pepsi - Cola is the drink for you. (Pepsi ad) a). to meet the needs of Pepsi, 12 ounces, is all, five dollars for 24 ounces --- Pepsi is your drink. b). Pepsi tasty, full capacity of 12 ounces a lot of five dollar bills to buy 24-ounce Pepsi for you to enjoy. Translation compared to two, the difference apparent. Tech it is only a translation, the original ad poetry, translations and original b are equally attractive, the same form, rhyme the same way, are a, a, b, b, harmonious symmetry, rhythm and beautiful. Second, the image of the United States 4. Easier dusting by stre - e - etch. (Dust cloth advertising) a). elongated dust cloth dust and strong brand. b). Lara elongated, dust and strong. Thinking in images is one of the characteristics of human thinking, people like concrete, image, visual language, reflected in the advertising language, the language is very particular about Western advertising vivid. Example 3, stretch the term except as dust Cloth brand name "stretched", the ingenuity to stretch their spelling also convey the intention of the term "extension", makes it easy to feel dust cloth can extend the function of human arm. Translation b in the "pull" the word repeated reproduction The original term was stretched in the stretch effect, the formation of an extension of the sense, real and vividly rendered the effectiveness of the product, Bangs. The translation is easily erased a image of the original beauty. 5.Apple Thinks Different. (Apple Computer) a) Apple Computer, different. b) Apple Computer, different where the "think." This advertising slogan Thinks Different, succinctly describes the content to be propaganda. Translation b of the "extraordinary" minor changes, homophonic substitution into a "different where the 'thinking'", in line context, the financial shape will of God, Than translation a, the image is more humorous, giving a fresh feeling. 6.Memories bright as a tropical bloom, fresh asa cool seabreeze, deep as the unhurried sea. This isthe Sheraton Bal Harbour Resort. Time steps to adifferent measure here, just for the two of you. Palmbordered beaches gently kiss the water's edge. Sunset dance, nightlife sings under a star - filled sky; moonlight drips soft silver to tuck you in. This is the Sheraton Bal Harbour Resort. Where the days hesitate to end, and the memorieslinger forever. (Hotel advertisements) a). Memory is like bright tropical flowers, fresh like a cool sea breeze, the rolling deep like the sea. To you both, time slowed down here. Palm trees surround the sea kissing the beach, the sun dancing, Creatures of the night under the stars sing; The moonlight shines on you both. This is Sheraton hotels, In this time reluctantly, memory forever. b). Memory is like bright tropical flowers, fresh like a cool sea breeze, the rolling deep like the sea. To you both, time slowed down here. Kiss on the beach surrounded by palm trees wave, the sun in the waves between the Pina Pina dance the night creatures in the Sky decorated under the stars singing secret; Yuet Wah gentle stream of silver jade diarrhea, which enveloped the two of you. This is the Sheraton hotel, where the happy times reluctantly, very close to the hearts of long memories. Use of a large number of original advertising metaphor, personification and other rhetorical devices to create a distinctive mood and vivid image, gives rise to a wealth of associations, so that people contact characteristics and the quality of advertising products similar or related situations at Resulting epiphany moment, provoke longing for the good things and the pursuit. Compared with two translations, the former only convey his ideas only, Diego is now four-character structure of the latter (kiss the wave, dancing, stars close decorated, Yuet Wah gentle stream of silver jade diarrhea, etc.) integration scenario, not only has absolutely no sense of a pile of hash park, and measures of natural language, poetic, created by Mood successfully express a vivid picture of the original. Third, the simple beauty 7.When you're sipping Lipton, you're sippingsomething special. (Tea ad) a). When you taste the Lipton tea, that the taste is unique. b). drink Lipton tea, products unique flavor. 8. Fresh up with Seven - up. (Drink ad) a). "seven-up" will make you refreshing drinks. b). Jun drink "Hedy" refreshing refreshing. Made to clean the "beauty", especially in advertising English. Life in the fast pace of modern society have your audience more alert psychology of advertising, long the ads they dislike more vulnerable to psychological, therefore, Great attention to advertising English wording concise. Asked a comparison with the translation b, little beauty because of its lack of a short slogan, powerful features; and asked b the configuration of short, text, eye-catching, good performance of the advertising Language style. Fourth, to create beauty 9.What it's like to be small but good. (Hotel ads) a) It is small, but very good. b) small but perfectly formed. Aesthetic psychology is different from the person's general psychological, but a creative psychology. It is in the perception of aesthetic objects, aesthetic emotions get the same time, according to some aesthetic ideal, by association, imagination, fantasy and other forms of , To create or re-creation, thereby creating a distinctive, emotions and aesthetic object. Essence of beauty is to create, is innovation. [4] compared the two translation, translation only to convey his ideas just a, b, translation, translator departure from the original meaning, Looking to a new image, created the original sentence without the United States. Read the advertisement, focus on comfort complete, comprehensive services to save money and want all visitors to go in person to try. 10.All is well that ends well. (Tobacco advertising) a). the outcome is good, all good. b). cigarette butts is good, like smoke. This ad is actually an English idiom, a translation of the meaning of idioms, placed the ad, the reader wonders moment obscure the original sentence, The translation b is the wonderful product of inspiration thinking in cigarette advertising, ends to have a double meaning: the verb "end" and the term "cigarettes pedicle", to find a sense of the wonders of this two-word, the translator will be able to enjoy the fun of creating. 11. Fresh food and fresh air. The perfectrecipe for a healthy life. I've chosen. It's candy. (Candy fridge ad title) a). fresh food and fresh air. The best prescription healthy life. I have made a choice, it is Candy fridge b). Fresh food + fresh air. Healthy life wonderful prescription. I asked a selected translation of Candy fridge has been impeccable, but when we turned his gaze to translation b, the original translator in the first sentence fragment "and" translated into compelling the "+", the "Perfect recipe" translated "perfect prescription", the "I've chosen. It's candy." Integrated method. Translation of the translation was concise, expressive, both live and "letter" Than translation a, b translation is even more exciting. 12. There are several ways to explore the crystalclear waters of Greece. Whether from the deck of aluxury cruise ship which can carry you to many ofGreece's 2, 500 beautiful islands, from the high-prowed bowof a traditional fishing vessel, or on yourown private charted yacht . Whatever your choice, you will never forget Greece. (Greek tourism ads) a). There are several ways to explore the crystal clear waters of Greece: the deck or in the luxury cruise on any cruise ships take you to visit the beautiful Greek island that the nebula clouds; or in the traditional fishing boat's bow was high, or Rent a boat is on your own. But no matter which way you choose, make you forget all of Greece. b). to explore the crystal clear waters of Greece, there are several options: you can stand on the deck overlooking the luxury cruise sea water, Cruise take you visit any of the nebula clouds are beautiful Greek island; or visit the traditional fishing boat that the bow of appreciation of the high sea, or rent your own boat sitting on the garden in the sea. But no matter which way you choose, make you unforgettable Greece. The translation process is often the way of thinking conversion. Differences in the thinking of the West, English and Chinese verbs, nouns and prepositions using different frequencies. Extensive use of English abstract nouns and prepositions, which seems true, Static and abstract; Chinese Use verbs makes it real, dynamic and specific, and thus the process of EC Translation is usually asked in the original dynamic color enhancement process. In addition, English and more with long sentences and complex sentences, while the Chinese is in contrast , The use of short sentences and simple sentences. So the English translation should be a simple sentence to decipher complex sentence. Mr b right adapt to these characteristics. The translation by increasing the "board", "view", "wandering around" and other verbs, Treated as the original meaning of the clause with a dynamic, fluent, vivid language, reading self-assured, imposing a coherent, strong overflow of dynamic flow between the lines the United States. The process of translation is the translator to sign the two languages semantic content carried by the conversion process, but the ultimate goal of translation is the translator makes it possible to be similar to its readers as the original sense of aesthetic psychology Subject. Because the different aesthetic experience, the same text may have a different translation, many of them room for a matter of opinion. But no matter what kind of translation must follow the characteristics of different languages, laws, and idioms. As Advertising language arts and to ensure Style Reproduction Advertising Discourse, the translator must be a thorough understanding of advertising products and advertising content and artistic form of discourse, from the selection of the target language words and sentences to convey meaning and the source language was with Meaning, [6] faithful and accurate translation to reproduce the original Rhyme, beauty, simple beauty. If the translator to create beauty in the translation vividly jumping to the reader's heart will be touched, causing the United States resonance. This Asked to kind of advertising to consumers of beauty, relaxed and happy to accept the product information, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising appeals.