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Mussina Career Review: from small translations to the interpretation of the gr

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Before 2004, not many people know who is Jose Mourinho. But now, many people even believe that the football world he is the greatest person. Why should the world be able to calmly accept his arrogance, his eccentric, and And to respect and worship him? Look at the life of Jose Mourinho, will be able to understand his magic. An unknown small translation January 1963, Mourinho was born in Portugal. After high school, Mourinho chose to institutions of higher education football sports. Since then, he went to London, Glasgow studies, where he acquired a fluent English, did not expect this success, became the starting point for Mourinho. Robson choice Mourinho to become a translator, after that, Mourinho followed Robson from Lisbon to Porto and Barcelona in 1996. Although Robson has always stressed that the primary work or Mourinho A translation. However, Mourinho has used almost all the free time to study football crazy theory. During this time the painstaking research that Mourinho has a remarkable talent. 2, the beginning of the success of coaching After the Robson, Van Gaal and Mourinho worked for two years. Since then, he began to teach alone. Benfica coach in the short term first, and then he took over midway Leiria team, led the team to get the best results ever . January 2002, Mourinho joined Porto. When he took over, missed the Champions League FC Porto 3 years. After 18 months, Porto will not only win the league title, but also won the Portuguese Cup, UEFA Cup, the Triple Crown! Also, beginning this year, Mourinho started a great record: He coached the team will not lose at home from domestic competition. This record has been maintained for 8 years now! The beginning of the 2003-04 season, Muli Ni Austria not only led his team to the Champions League group stages, and out of Manchester United, Deportivo La Coruna into the finals, crowned Champions Cup win over Marseille! In 2010, Jose Mourinho Inter Milan fans made for the song "No one can be like you ... ..." But in fact, in 2004, Mourinho to prove that he deserves this assessment. Chelsea 3 times In 2004, Jose Mourinho joined Chelsea. His inaugural news conference, he said: "Please do not say I'm arrogant, but I was European champion, so I thought I was a special one." Into the locker room, he told all the Chelsea Member said: "I was meritorious coach. And you, and now nothing ... ..." Only one year, Mourinho has proved itself to be eligible for such arrogance. Before he came to Chelsea for 50 years did not go ahead and compete in England's top league. But he came to from Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger's "iron wall encircled" in Three rounds of championship success in advance! The following year, Mourinho Premiership champions once again reelected. By this time, no one to question his arrogance, until Mourinho left many years, English football still miss him. Age 4 Inter Milan In 2008, Jose Mourinho joining Inter. At that time, Inter fired 4 years 7 crown Mancini, Mourinho invited, which also makes Jose Mourinho from the first day of entry to the media, pupils of the enemy. Handcuffs gesture, a year four red, successive years of continuous war of words, Mourinho quickly became the enemy of Serie A football. So that was ill, he Langdexuming; was forecast promises, he is bound to fail. Difficult Imagine, these people are now ashamed to say. Mourinho to Inter Milan, 2 years, captured the two Serie A titles. Before he joined, Inter 36 years can not enter the Champions League final, 3 years into the Champions League quarter-finals is not. But he only took 2 years to change everything, this season, Inter all the way to beat the Premiership champions Chelsea, La Liga champions Barcelona, Bundesliga title Bayern clinch the Champions League trophy!