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08 Outline of English Kaoyan changes concentrated in the translation writing d

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1 Throughout the country in 2008 the British research outline, master of the new school more and more, and most schools have the continuity of the outline, such as reference books, subjects, scope and so little change. When students in the review must pay attention to reference books, especially the calendar year 真题, because it highlights the gold content of the proposition schools, orientation and focus, reflecting the basic principles of the topic and schools, that is, inheritance-based development secondary. 2 to outline changes in terms of the larger schools, mainly in the professional direction of more and more clear, more and more systems bibliography. This change results are: at the same time emphasizing the breadth of more emphasis on depth. Such as the People's University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and so on, before the comprehensive examination for the professional, now have separate tests in more specialized. 3, looking professional comprehensive examination, is the national institutions will have a lot of literature, linguistics, culture, integrated the topic and to focus on the topic and form of the breadth of view, without requiring the depth, the bibliography is very similar, reflecting the English PubMed common core of. Monitoring of students to master the main doors of knowledge comprehensiveness, comprehensive, focused basis. 4, on the basis of this examination paper in English speaking, little change in the country, almost no reference, even if there is no clear scope of the problem, a kind of large intangible feeling, and that no range, no reference, no clear requirements This is the hardest of the candidates in terms of an examination paper, but decided the study section of the success or failure. 5, on the basis of English national paper, the most prominent focus in the translation and writing difficulties, mainly in large, difficult, the ratio of large, should be put in this section are derived British Kaoyan! In short, look at 2008 National Britain in general have a tendency to outline research that is based more and more attention, more emphasis on specialized knowledge. Therefore, pro forma to remind students must strengthen basic skills, whether basic or specialized courses in English, or two outside. Finally, I wish you Kaoyan success!