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" advanced oral interpretation is carried out "

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Author: Ding Xiaolong
Press: China sends official press
ISBN: 9787313031532
Publication time: 2002-9-1
The order in which editions are printed: 1 impression:
Page number: 257
Word number: 264 1000
Paper: Hectograph paper

Content abstract
This teachs originally ginseng the draw materials that use a book is extensive, content is novel, sex of effectiveness for a given period of time is strong, language material and daily life are united in wedlock cheek by jowl, language stuff is practical and true, interesting, reflect real life. Language style is formal and normative, incorporate things of diverse nature of flower beauty language, the topic accords with adult interest. Believe the reader passes study, the perspective that can contrast from culture, know the world that we live further, the similarities and differences on the culture setting with farther understanding different China and foreign countries and viewpoint and defend law is individual exercise formally, emphasize diversity, lively, be aimed at the specific requirement of the exam, pay attention to subjective problem model be united in wedlock with objective problem photograph, choose appropriate data, experienced exercises accord with an exam completely to ask, filled fission to show to pay attention to the education theory that proof character output pays attention to more while the language is inputted and principle.

Author brief introduction

The editor is recommended
The bitter fleabane break out of Chinese economy exhibits the attention that caused the world, the association of China and world each country is increasingly frequent, was to give higher demand to the oral interpretation personnel of all sorts of types, tutorial of exam of everything oral interpretation became a youth to receive the obligatory course of the challenge. How to make the language of English learner and oral interpretation personnel uses capacity actually further upward, " advanced oral interpretation is carried out " will aid your a helping hand, help you gain a success!
This book is written for the teacher of course of advanced oral interpretation and student only. This book was collected all sorts of domestic and international newest information, especially this city a few up to date information reach a few English vocabularies that have Chinese distinguishing feature, the reference that to be engaged in English the teacher of interpreter and oral interpretation and student provide practices manual. In addition, the examinee that also takes an exam to prepare to attend medium, advanced oral interpretation offerred the reference that the ego before taking an examination of drills and checks to practice manual.
Introduction of knowledge of this book be in harmony and oral interpretation exercise are an organic whole, have intellectual sex, interest sex and practicality, the content that involves economic reform, commerce, science, culture, education, travel, diplomacy and international relation to wait for all respects. This book select material is extensive, stylistic and rich, include file of data of record of meeting of speech of the press news, celebrity, interview, concerned ministries and commissions, U.N. to wait, aim to enlarge the intellectual face of learner, improve integrated quality, lay next solid foundations successfully for the exam.
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