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" oral interpretation theory is summarized "

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Author: Bao Gang
ISBN: 7500113846
Page number: 343
Book size: Big 32
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: China translates a press external
Publication date: 2005-5-1
Fix a price: 21 yuan

Content brief introduction

Does oral interpretation of China and foreign countries consider what to domain and content involve? Does each contribution of main school of thought where? What characteristic do theory of Chinese oral interpretation and education research have? How to develop personnel of oral interpretation of of all kinds profession? How does the oral interpretation quality of disparate arrangement of ideas evaluate a standard to make? How the market of Chinese oral interpretation that answer up develops? Editing theory of publication “ oral interpretation to summarize ” is to try the problem of surface of square field of systematic answer above.
The basic link that the oral interpretation activity such as the preparation before the organization that interpret of note of craft of understanding of discussion spoken language, bilingual, oral interpretation, oral interpretation, oral interpretation, bilingual each other, simultaneous interpretation, oral interpretation works and interpret involves.
More meticulous to abstracting all sorts of phenomena that come out to give from inside oral interpretation practice discuss, have certain academic depth.
Can make teaching material of theory of oral interpretation major according to need, the reference book of fundamental sex theory that also can make oral interpretation teacher and student or researchs the job. Suit personnel of education of researcher of our country oral interpretation, oral interpretation and graduate student to use already, also can read for broad dragoman reference.

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Total order of a series of books
This coiling chief editor sends word
Introduction of the first chapter
The generation of 1.1 oral interpretation and development
The method that theory of 1.2 oral interpretation studies
Ponder over a problem
Spoken language of the 2nd chapter and oral interpretation
2.1 spoken language are primary of feature and interpret of its speak or sing alternately restrict
Of concept of ” of utterance of job of “ of 2.2 oral interpretation put forward to reach speech language kind
The bilingual phenomenon on 2.3 dragoman body reachs the method that B language raises
Of 2.4 bilingual talents choose
Ponder over a problem
Scientific research exercises
Exercises of colloquial ego attend in a advanced studies
The audition in oral interpretation of the 3rd rule differentiate and understanding
3.1 words flow medium audition differentiate
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