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" theory of buccal written translation studies "

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Collection title: Translate theory and solid Wu a series of books
Author: Liu Mi is celebrated
I S B N: 750011155X
Page number: 334
Book size: Big 32
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: China translates publication company external
Publication date: 2004-1-10
Fix a price: 19.8 yuan

This a series of books pays close attention to brief introduction of content of research of theory of buccal written translation already the new trend that translates education and research, new achievement, the interpreter solid Wu that pays close attention to the blame literature domain such as science and technology, economy, law, commerce, finance, travel, medium again, appropriate hold theory of theory and practice, foundation and applied theory, tradition and innovation, gain ground with rise, the relation of abroad and home, satisfy the different requirement of reader of disparate arrangement of ideas as far as possible. Learn a book as interpret, a series of books is in those who be translated bound expert scholar reputably while, also get warm reception of the reader, a certain number of a series of books is medium planting already became those who translate research and education field win universal praise to read surely, in domestic and international interpreter the bound enjoys taller reputation, established a company to learn a book to publish the lead position of the respect in interpret; Regard the brand of the company as books, a series of books because its characteristic, individual character is with the style in reader memory make next deep brand, reputation was gained in books the press for the company.
The treatise of this book the society that oral interpretation of aggrandizement of with a view to crosses language culture transmits a function, concentration discussed effect of meaning of speech structure, speech, speech and speech mechanism 4 core problem. Theory of buccal written translation studies this book table of contents keeps friend of oral interpretation of advanced face —— sending word and student
Bring theory
The language view of Si Tan of root of dimension of the first chapter and interpreter
1 overviews
1.1 toe the mark and control regular
1.2 meanings depend on use
1.3 lives form: The basic basis that the meaning uses
1.4 epilogue
The interpreter that oral interpretation of the 2nd rule is a kind of special form transmits behavior
2 overviews
The aggrandizement of 2.1 agency function: Do the move that controls right
Of game of language of 2.2 oral interpretation attendant not attendant
The instantly sex of game of language of 2.3 oral interpretation
2.4 oral interpretation transmit the language place that has its itself to change a feature
The forward position of function of decipher of 2.5 hearing meaning is changed
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