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" tutorial of fundamental oral interpretation "

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Collection title: Shanghai is in short supply the talent grooms a series of books of series of engineering teacher and student
Author: Luo Xinghuan
ISBN: 7810952560
Page number: 237
Book size: Small 32
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: Shanghai foreign language teachs a press
Publication date: 2004-6-1
Fix a price: 11 yuan

Content brief introduction

This book basically is used at the teaching material of classroom education as, on integral structure cent is 16 unit, it is a basis one semester 16 weeks, every week of 3 class hour groom plan and set, weave, that is to say, when this tutorial place wants classroom education, number shoulds not be little at 48 class hour.
This tutorial emphasizes reader, complier and the interaction between this book and mutual effect, from groom the integrated language knowledge of student and flower / Chinese ability of oral interpretation expression sets out, through by a definite date 16 weeks groom, do one's best makes the uses a language integratedly capacity of learner, intercourse ability, especially oral interpretation ability gets apparent promotion, can master a certain number of fundamental skill of oral interpretation roughly. When teacher and learner use this book, can be opposite according to actual condition the content of this tutorial masters neatly, emphasize particularly on somewhat, flexible processing. Teacher also but the requirement according to specific education object, complement to inside Shanghaiguan of a few photographs is allowed and practice appropriately. What must point out is, this course is teaching with learned process in, should pay attention to essence of life to tell with drill frequently, ability achieves booked goal.

This booklist is recorded

UNIT 1 school and education
UNIT 2 job and life
UNIT 3 traffic and accident
UNIT 4 mankind and environment
Problem of UNIT 5 society
UNIT 6 science and technology and progress
UNIT 7 sanitation and health
UNIT 8 athletic sports
UNIT 9 city and countryside
UNIT 10 culture and history
UNIT 11 travel and sightseeing
UNIT 12 recreation and masses medium
UNIT 13 business affairs and negotiation
UNIT 14 commerce and investment
UNIT 15 economy and development
UNIT 16 concerns external

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