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" Chinese-English oral interpretation is practical term "

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Author: Yan Yong / Gu Yucheng make up
ISBN: 7810587269
Page number: 385
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: Shanghai university press
Publication date: 2004-5-1
Fix a price: 15 yuan

Content brief introduction

This book collects Chinese-English everyday expressions to collect nearly 6000, include a large number of phrase, phrasal, idiom, common saying and adage, involve all many sided such as politics, economy, science and technology, culture and life. All vocabulary entry press phonetic alphabet sort, facilitate consult. The English word that reads rare or easily by accident with international phonetic symbol. The type of writing that still made clear concerned term when necessary and the occasion that its use (language region) . Use pocket format, carry easily. If you do not know how to convey ” of damage of “ spirit loss with English or “ accepts repatriate system ” , perhaps cannot conclude “ family is violent ” should interpret is Homeviolence or Familyviolence, or is Domesticviolence, so consult please this book. From “ two always ” represents ” 3 times to “ , arrive with ” of heart manage state affairs from “ “ biology but the rubbish ” of degradation, it will offer a lot of commonly used terms for you interpreter of off-the-peg practicable standard, absolve your search bowel to blow the affliction of abdomen, make your working get twice the result with half the effort; In the meantime, we anticipate this book has the effect of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions to the interpreter of term of commonly used Chinese, can inspire a reader to produce his creativity in real interpreter work, draw inferences about other cases from one instance. This book is oral interpretation worker and take an examination person necessary reference, it is the beneficial assistant of broad English worker and lover.
In choose vocabulary entry and check in the process of translation, our referenced data sources does not issue 100 kinds, complier is in sincerely this to all and direct or the person that provides a help for this book secondhand thankses.
This book place receives vocabulary entry is the phrase that is more than a word and sentence more, and the phrase in a kind of any languages and sentence are endless, our strive collects oral interpretation and other interpreter job in most the term that often be used or uses the most likely. Although complier was passed,accumulate for long, consulted a lot of material, also hard to avoid is met attend to one thing and lose another. In the meantime, because complier level is finite, the place scarcely of this book misgivings is little, welcome make a comment or criticism of reader Zhu Jun. If the reader has any criticism or proposal, send mail please to, a few complier will be obliged.
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