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GTalk government releases interpreter robot

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Although Google government creates our GTalk software this to the functional castrate of GTalk a large number of dissatisfaction of faithful user, to this castrate behavior a lot of people feel indissoluble, and hope Google government gives out add up to manage explanation, after all the upgrading that we never see only shrink did not increase however! Some people think: Does Google cancel speech to leave a message may the function be to buy Skype to make bedding? Some people think: Is Google debases software version painstakingly the GTalk that popularizes online edition to emphasize mixing? My individual look upon, it is 4 words only: Be baffled! Above is the logical explanation of what castrate, the GTalk that fortunately nevertheless we can choose to use old edition need not upgrade.

To Google Talk, compare other chatting software and character besides concise and practical function, GTalk Bot also is one big characteristic. The GTalk robot that at present I use includes the following kinds: Miniature rich guest kind: The meal is denied, do what kind robot; Check word robot: Dict Man; RSS subscribes to immediately kind: Where Zha; Besides, still have a few useful tool contacts: For instance: Link the Jabber of MSN, of indication GTalk online condition; GTalk group group of chatting … etc. Among them especially Dict Man, I still had been mentioned many times inside rich guest. Very useful tool, be equivalent to online PowerWord, when at hand does not have tool of this kind of dictionary, take especially with, convenient. The interpreter robot that this Google government made multilateral language in the light of this demand, google Talk user can obtain relevant interpreter directly through adding a contact, need not visit Google to translate a tool.

We can pass add: [The method of B] of language A]2[language will use interpreter robot. For instance, you need Chinese to translate English robot: Add; English translates into Chinese is: If you are an ace, often need to use the interpreter of multilateral language, need to use group of form chatting functions of online edition GTalk certainly so! A variety of language robots that translate need add a group at the same time inside, (as above pursues) the interpreter result that achieves a variety of country languages you are OK and expediently directly. The robot list that Google government offers is below, will below is added to add a good friend after robot name can.
Interpret of each other of Arabic of Ar2en - En2ar (, English)English of interpret of Bg2en (Bulgaria)Interpret of each other of article of heart of De2en - En2de (, English)Interpret of each other of article of heart of De2fr - Fr2de (, French)Interpret of each other of Greek of El2en - En2el (, English)Interpret of each other of spanish of Es2en - En2es (, English)Interpret of each other of Fi2en (Finland, English)Interpret of each other of French of Fr2en - En2fr (, English)Hi2en (imprints interpret of each other of ground language, English)Hr2en (overcomes interpret of each other of Luodeya, English)Interpret of each other of Italian of It2en - En2it (, English)Interpret of each other of Japanese of Ja2en - En2ja (, English)Interpret of each other of Han Wen of Ko2en - En2ko (, English)Interpret of each other of article of Holand of Nl2en - En2nl (, English)Interpret of each other of Russia language of Ru2en - En2ru (, English)Uk2en (black overcomes Lan Yuyi English)English of interpret of Ur2en (Urdu)English of interpret of Chinese of Zh2en - En2zh ()
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