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SDL TRADOS is offerred for Chinese free translator substantially price privilege

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CAT (CAT) the delegate SDL TRADOS of tool domain popularizes use CAT tool energetically to the industry is translated in China, optimize an industry to supply chain, plan of SDL TRADOS attestation was rolled out in Chinese area and global synchronism March this year, the accredit of each big main city grooms the center also will provide a service inside year, obtain professional attestation in order to help broad translator to groom.
Popularize the calculation in grooming with accredit to delimit besides large-scale market, SDL TRADOS still offerred price privilege for Chinese free translator. Come to stopped on June 30, 2007 since this day, free translator aux will be able to the price with special privilege, acquire product of SDL TRADOS 2007 Freelance of an authorised edition license, rate of 3 test, level online groom and the attestation of 3 level takes an exam.
Afore-mentioned favourable activities are opposite only translator of freedom of chinese mainland area is effective. Be about to know detailed attestation news, can land Http://, also but the company of China of SDL TRADOS Technologies that contact is located in Shenzhen city, advisory phone 0755-33380096.

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