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Intelligence of recrudesce of translation software wind and cloud " language god

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Bible " the Genesis " recording a paragraph of tale about human language: Allegedly, what the descendants of Adam says originally is same kind of language, they live so that grow has taste not only, and return plan build and repair a Beibaierda is direct heaven. God sees this kind of circumstance feels anxious, fear the mankind can refuse to obey in the future check, then nether come a language jumble, make each other understand people not the speech of the other side, cannot communicate, tower nature is not repaired.
Still be before computer advent the world, the mankind produces the dream that gives a kind of extremely rich charm, the hope can be made one day give a kind of machine, the interpreter acts as between the philtrum that it is speaking different language please, put this kind of transducer in lap to be able to take the world: Went to England, it tells English; Arrived France, no matter hold,it can tell French …… again why to plant the foreigner of the language and you talk, want to dial switch only, it can act as between two kinds of different languages ” of “ a third party, well and truly expression express the idea. Once we have it, whose person does not know the world of He Chou “ gentleman ” ?
Translation software of vassal contend for hegemony
The translation software is in last centuries 90 time end with respect to scene temporarily, was full of legend colour even. Be in early 1997, little known at that time inscription peaceful company develops with oneself " Oriental express " advantage, with one action beats company of moon of market old Nanjing " instant Chinese change an expert " , amaze the people with a single brilliant feat enters the number one place of translation software market. And after this, golden hill company is developed ceaselessly, the latercomers surpass the formers, with the “ golden hill that upgrades ceaselessly demit bully ” repels ” of “ Oriental express, final firmly held the market the first. However, machine translation from begin research and development to arrive gain ground to be faced with all the time cannot the difficult problem of exceed: Interpreter efficiency is low, cannot achieve the rate of artificial interpreter, the article of machine translation still must undertake arranging ability artificially finally clear and coherent, the true meaning that translates result and original document even sometimes is widely divergent. Yang Xueyi of secretary of Party committee of university of foreign language of Beijing of no less than points out, of Internet gain ground quickly and of market of business affairs of the electron between international mature with each passing day, make the capacity of information content grows into geometrical class posture. But differ as a result of the language, everyman is hard to understand very quickly and accept these foreign language information, the information communication channel that causes from this not free, the serious asymmetry of information, greatly block up the development of technical communication and business, these promoted software information to translate service market to appear to develop momentum healthily quickly continuously.
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