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Shanxi iron knows business of enlightened phone simultaneous interpretation

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Shanxi iron is connected opened business of center of 95105481 phones simultaneous interpretation recently, the telephone communication that adopts different language provides convenient and quick simultaneous interpretation service for the user. This business is open inside countrywide limits, the interpreter that the user needs to pay this locality to understand telephone bill and relevant language only serves cost. Current, language of phone simultaneous interpretation basically has English, Han Yu, Japanese, French, German, spanish, Russian, Arabic to wait.
The user uses this business to need not be registered, need to buy the check that pay fee only, dial directly 95105481, by banquet undertakes attestation to the user, put through next the person that be called, translate the interpreter that one searchs to suit in the center in much language, the user, person that be called and interpreter 3 person join arrives one case, undertake simultaneous interpretation. Shanxi iron is connected will widen stage by stage next service limits, offer for the user of all kinds go abroad study abroad seek advice, Lai Huaxin breath seeks advice, airline ticket hotel is booked wait for a service.

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