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English-Chinese mobile phone translates initiate of Xiamen whole world

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The other side hits what the call says is English, what you hear is Chinese however. Recently, translation software of English-Chinese of the first mobile phone is in the whole world Xiamen comes out. This one software that Xiamen city develops, the sentence translates speed only 0.5 seconds, the vocabulary is Japan 2 times of day flower mobile phone.
November 2005, japanese NEC company takes the lead in developing translation software of day flower mobile phone in the whole world, cause industry sensation. Mere after a few months, xiamen country studies abroad the software that limited company of software of acute hearing intelligence also develops day of Xiamen of —— of enterprise of hatch of personnel poineering garden to have similar function independently. Different is, what the software that development of Tian Cong company goes comes true is function of English-Chinese and two-way interpreter. It is reported, this software is translation software of the first when home develops completely independently high-powered mobile phone, also be the whole world translation software of English-Chinese of the first mobile phone.
According to introducing, this translation software collects 100 thousand words in all, the translation system on uses dictionary warehouse and computer is uniform, it is NEC company 2 times of translation software of day flower mobile phone. On function, this software has multinomial and distinct advantage, translate speed not only splitting, to the interpreter of general sentence time is less than 0.5 seconds, and interpreter quality is higher. After undertaking interpret of English-Chinese sentence each other, this software still can numerate with speech means interpreter result. The personage inside course of study expresses, the birth of this software will be our country business affairs personage, tourist going abroad and come China foreign guest offers great advantage.
Tian Cong company is a business that pursues machine translation and development of speech recognition technology technically, by institute of Xiamen university artificial intelligence two professors mix 1 abroad study abroad homecoming doctor establishs. Shi Xiaodong of this company chief engineer teachs the expert that is respect of our country machine translation, hold the position of a country for many times the controller of task of 863 machine translation, calendar year will develop system of Matrix English-Chinese machine translation, light English-Chinese two-way machine translation, system of Neon multilingual machine translation, include translation system of the first webpage of domestic among them (1996) with home translation system of the first website (1999) . The translation system that Professor Shi Xiaodong develops with speed the fastest, accuracy rate is high celebrated.
Current, tian Cong company is negotiating actively with manufacturer of a few famous mobile phones, strive for the software product that has this our country own intellectual property at an early date to apply to the mobile phone.
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