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Vocabulary of 21 centuries mobile phone looks first

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Colour bell Polyphonic Ringtone
Chord ring Chord Music Ringtone

Blue tooth technology (wireless earphone is received listen) Bluetooth

Interphone Walkie-Talkie

GPS of global location system (Global Positioning System)

High fidelity High Fidelity (constant logogram is Hi-fi)

Monternet of mobile dream net (Mobile Internet)

SMS of Wu of short be convinced (Short Message Service)

MMS of Wu of colour be convinced (Multimedia Message Service)

SIM of client identity identification card gets stuck (Subscriber Identity Module)

GSM (Global System For Mobile Communications of global mobile system)

Store the Pre-paid Phone Card that be worth card

Speech clew Voice Prompt

Straight board mobile phone Bar Phone

Clamshell Phone /flip Phone of renovate mobile phone

Slide Phone of slip lid mobile phone

Renovate is received listen to Flip Answer

Key-press Keypad

Key-press sound Keypad Tone

Clew sound Warning Tone

The mobile phone fills value Cellular Phone Replenishing/recharging

The mobile phone expends Initiation Charges For Mobile Phone; Mobile Access Fee into the net

Roam Roaming Service

Mobile Phone User/subscriber of mobile phone user

Short message Short Message; Text Message

Picture Message of picture short message

The mobile phone expends Mobile Phone Fee

Close machine Power Off

Mobile Phone Ringtone of sound of mobile phone bell

Oscillatory Vibrate

Mobile phone real name makes Mobile Phone Identification Policy

Two-way collect fees Two-way Charging Scheme

Color screen Color Screen

Wallpaper Wallpaper

Bide one's time mode Standby Mode

Operate menu Options

Menu mode List View/ Grid View

Quick icon Short-cut Icon

Dial Automatic Redial automatically again

Dial quickly Speed Dial

Speech dials Voice Dial

Aleatoric key is respondent Any Key Answer

Restrict call Fixed Dial

Expiration communicates Outgoing Call

Be made communicate Incoming Call

Latter call Recent Call

Call transfers Call Divert

Did not pick up the telephone Missed Call

Already picked up the telephone Received Call
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