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Interpreter industry business is emulative analysis

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The business of of all kinds interpreter that at present chinese mainland area registers with professional interpreter has many 3000, add all sorts of name such as the company, company that print are registered and contract to do a job actually in order to seek advice the unit that translates business shares several. Have these interpreter companies classified now, undertake emulative analysis.
The first kind of competitor is to contract to do a job interpreter business, but the interpreter company that does not have interpreter ability and experience actually or transducer compose. Because register a doorsill that translates a company,the existence of this kind of competitor is lower, also do not need any special aptitude prooves, actually this kind translates a company and do not have full-time dragoman, the business that its contract to do a job translates personnel to finish through the part-time job. The means that its business competes is to carry market of low case race to control, the way that gets profit is through paying a part-time job dragoman extremely low pay is obtained manage existent gross profit. So firm of this kind of translation lacks the flow of the system that taste a canal, the fluidity of pluralistic dragoman team is very great also, bring about its from this character pole is not stable, the client that its serve is not stable also. This kind of competitor is translating the market to own very large share at present, they are scattered interpreters the person that contract to do a job.
The 2nd kind of competitor is comprised by the college learned man that has education and interpreter experience, contain the translation firm of academic property or interpreter company. Its member great majority is by what retire or be about to retire the teacher is comprised, they carry on by right of learned consequence the interpreter project of a lot of interpreter items that contain academic character and domain of company application technology. The person that these interpreters work has long-term interpreter experience, they are good at waiting for each respect at literature, economy, sociology. But as a result of them itself has the job, or enjoy emeritus allowance, extend the market to be not the main purpose that its serve, and their exercise pattern is relatively traditional, if make 2 course of study, exercise shears a figure, computer input by hand,wait bring about its to translate operating speed and efficiency lower, make an impact their batch contracts to do a job the hard injury that science and technology translates.
The 3rd kind of competitor is firm of foreign capital translation, or joint-stock translation firm, their compositive member, especially interpret careful and project management layer often are had abroad the setting that study abroad or the working experience of the enterprise that cross a state. Accordingly they have certain administrative experience, the interpreter technological process that also can use to suit to translate a project to run quite manages mode to make sure their interpreter serves character, the international enterprise that the management thought that westernizes in order to compare and management pattern make entrust interpreter business, client is more recipient. International enterprise and external affairs orgnaization often are the main client that they serve. Firm of this kind of translation basically is centered in Beijing and Shanghai and other places at present, the office building with high-grade hire, high pay invites full-time to translate personnel, this makes their management cost house tall no less than, accordingly they must ask for prep above the operation that the price of common market will come to to assure a company, because this decided them,also can be the person contract to do a job of project of interpreter of high administrative levels only, this also brought about them the portion that translating the market is very finite. And once the client that serves when them can find same interpreter to serve quality and the interpreter serves the price inferior professional when translating a company, their business receives those who enter can quick sex to drop.
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