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China translates a talent " specialization " there can be no turning back

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The reporter learned from Fudan University a few days ago, announced a few days ago in Ministry of Education " the colleges and universities that two year Ministry of Education puts on record or approval installs the announcement of result of this specialized subject major " in affirmatory, first interpreter major that establishs permissibly will be in Chinese inland college Fudan University holds water, begin to face Chinese inland recruit students this year.
What communicate collaboration external as China is increasingly frequent the swift and violent development that waits for an industry with economy, travel, culture, interpreter more and more “ is very popular ” , and the “ of Chinese interpreter talent specializations ” transition already also was there can be no turning back.

The market expects the person that dig gold
As Chinese market with each passing day internationalization, all sorts of international conferences have too many visitors or business to deal with, foreign data is introduced in great quantities, the society also increases with each passing day to translating working demand. The authoritative orgnaization of an United States that gets according to the reporter translates the newest investigation of the market to show to the world, china translates the dimensions of the market to will achieve the sale of -1474836480 yuan of RMBs in two years, and the digestive capacity that at present China translates a company comes in billion only left and right sides of five hundred million and ten yuan of RMBs, its development space is vast.
However, market of Shen Cheng's talent encounters the near future again and again however enrol the circumstance that is less than interpreter talent. According to Shanghai talent market concerned personage expresses, the representative of several single talented people that receives recently needs to translate a talent, include to go abroad study abroad the enterprise of intermediary, mechanical manufacturing industry, unit of choose and employ persons leaves gave quite absorbing condition, but just still beg hard.

Know a foreign language to want to know Chinese first
At present the number of English of Chinese inland study amounts to “ more than 300 million, and interpreter talent breach is as high as 90% however. ” Fudan University translates the director that fasten a department Professor He Gang strong to express, the outside often thinks “ knows foreign language ” “ can translate ” , but both do not be equal actually.
the storehouse ” that “ protects interpret of duty storehouse ” to assure taxation for “ , ” of “ May 4th movement of 1919 became “ 54 (sports) a controller that translates a company complains to the reporter say, an English major the university of 8 class is graduate, the interpreter's article is the Chinese looks not to know a foreigner to also do not understand however. Concerned expert expresses, good translation wants perfectness foreign language to also want to understand Chinese meaning already, be fostered through the system only and eligible interpreter professional just can be become after rigorous training.
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