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Interpreter industry appears diversity to develop posture

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The Beijing Olympic Games 2008 and the Shanghai world rich 2010 can be the development good luck with Chinese interpreter unprecedented industry. According to statistic, the use scale of language of China and foreign countries of developed country city and this locality language is commonly 1: 7, and to 2008, this one scale of Beijing is as high as 1 likely: 10. Expand increasingly external the dimensions that economic culture communication makes home translates the market expands ceaselessly, many translation firm is in paean high play music while, the client that its serve also presents those who gave diversification to distributing posture.
The client data that from the interpreter below language exceeding lofty or great the company provides looks, the enterprise is group of the biggest client undoubtedly, business affairs file kind with technical project kind for most often translate a category. A lot of translation firms and enterprise establish long-term cooperation relationship, some rolls out the service that include a month, translate business affairs data for a long time to secure a business. From which we still can understand current classics trade to cooperate the industry with bigger demand of communication of the most frequent information or domain, for instance automobile industry. According to disclosing below language exceeding lofty or great, the interpreter demand of automobile industry is at present huge, a large number of relevant data need an interpreter: Because China is trying hard to expand the market demand that his automobile manufacturing industry increases increasingly with satisfying, and the state that has an advanced technique currently all is blame Chinese country. In the trade that in the car this high speed expands, the information communication that crosses language culture inevitable more frequent. The interpreter is affecting pair of foreign country technologies directly introduce, digest, absorb, homebred to quickening change crucial. With the handkerchief of limited company of Beijing jeep car outstanding Luo Su runs the car gets offline for exemple, involve a technology, groom, the word number that the content of the respect such as service, market needs to translate is counted with 1 million plan. Additional, because go abroad,hot abidance warms up, especially a large number of students choose Euramerican wait for a developed country to accept higher education or undertake taking advanced courses, all sorts of studying abroad material (include resume, report, record of formal schooling to prove to wait) the interpreter also presents a particular demand.
Opposite at much written translation professional work, the oral interpretation service that each company provides is opposite less, although a few companies claim to serve comprehensive, still give priority to with written translation more actually. If look from demand only, join WTO as China, international economic and trade activity shows unusually active trend, a lot of abroad invest business or chief of department of transnational corporation market begins market of scan widely China, come again and again China make an on-the-spot investigation into peddling Wu. Nearly two years, beijing recieved how many transnational corporation president, all trades and professions to hold how many internationally seminar, it is very difficult already to be afraid statistic. But, talent of high level oral interpretation is one of person with abilities that current China market lacks urgently, can be competent the personnel amount of formal talk oral interpretation and simultaneous interpretation is limited, the high level person with ability of small language is more in short supply. This one phenomenon is great the oral interpretation business that restricted interpreter company grows, oral interpretation quality also the good and bad are intermingled. Sometimes, translate a company to the oral interpretation personnel that expedite cannot satisfy the client's requirement and also be met happen by repulsive circumstance. Although a lot of translation firms hit a " to offer the flag that sends " together now, whether can offer this kind of service to still remain to affirm truly.
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