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Inside interpreter talent course of study " sweet pastry " outside course of stu

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Add the compliance of WTO according to our country, our country opens service trade field after 2005, the interpreter serves the market to also will be opened to the whole world, if we are not vigilant,this is meant, do not change, can have be travelled together by abroad occupational interpreter market, what replace then is dangerous. Accordingly we enhance the integral actual strength that translates an industry urgently, the government provides the space that communicate and develops to translate an unit, in normative market while, avoid internal baleful competition, what the market serves after be is comprehensive and open, had done sufficient preparative work, let domestic company developing with breathtaking speed.
In the interpreter the industry expands strength person of the same trade, interpreter talent also appeared unprecedented in short supply. According to " capital times " report, from personnel of course of study Mr Wang says inside course of study, in recent years the interpreter talent demand of high administrative levels is increased, corresponding advanced interpreter talent searchs harder relatively, hand in especially pass and demand of oral instruction talent is highlighted increasingly. The basis is imperscriptible from statistic of personnel of course of study, of countrywide simultaneous interpretation do not exceed 500 people from amount of personnel of course of study, of Beijing pass together hold the proportion of 1/3 from trade number.
In eye of a lot of people, translating an industry is day of industry that enters a bottle of gold. According to understanding, the personnel monthly pay that is engaged in administrative assistant holding an interpreter concurrently in the enterprise can achieve 6000~8000 yuan, the interpreter personnel monthly pay of embassy is in 8000~1 10 thousand yuan, accomplish very professional conference oral interpretation, income can achieve 2000 yuan / day, can achieve top class simultaneous interpretation income to be in 5000 yuan / day, some achieves 10 thousand yuan even / day. Annual 4, 5, 6, 9, the busy season that October is the conference, every month should have the staff member that pursues simultaneous interpretation 10~15 second conference interpreter, the amount that off-season conference translates is in 5 times or so. Interpreter industry is called day jobs into the “ gold that fights gold”
Nevertheless, ” of “ gold rice bowl is not everybody is held in both hands. Pursue job of 20 old interpreters, the controller below Beijing language exceeding lofty or great is deep to this experience, “ wants to make an eligible oral interpretation, most important is not language level however industry setting. Pass on a message of oral interpretation inter, if do not have the knowledge of setting of professional to talk domain knowledge, industry, it is to cannot be accomplished accurate and effective. On the foundation of perfectness primitive and interpret language, translator often should have the knowledge of one or more domain, be like aeronautics, chemical, artificial intelligence, mechanical, accounting, law of nations, medicine or agronomy. Just be bilingual adroitness next, communication ability is very important, from the profession the feeling is told, the interpreter needs self-discipline, should give a person pattern of and rather than of feeling of a kind of reliance. Income also should pass competition, ability of one in hundred is achieved. ”
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