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Our country translates talent breach to be as high as 90%

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Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on Feburary 20 report (reporter Li Jiangtao) at present breach of talent of our country interpreter is as high as 90% .   
Bureau of national foreign language grooms the center held interpreter article to spend free series chair a few days ago. Central director Wang Xin thinks, the weakness that translates ability already became progress of our country economy and the issue that in interacting external, are badly in need of solving.

According to introducing, home has the interpreter professional of on guard appoint to a position to make an appointment with 60 thousand person, the interpreter guards estimation to amount to 500 thousand person from personnel of course of study. Home is in translation firm now nearly 3000, the translation firm that registers in Beijing only has more than 400. But most scope is very little, translating personnel is a part-time job more, lack scientific administrative kind, interpreter level is uneven. Have a lot of companies or have the ” of “ small shop run by couple of an a phone, computer only.

Wang Xin says, to blending in the China of international society increasingly character can become the weakness that translates ability a when economy grows big question. Because cannot digest the enormous iformation flow that comes from international to go up well and truly, in time, include economy and information of science and technology to wait, will bring about China to lose a large number of valuable information. Chinese enterprise is pressing also at the same time need moves toward the world, the interpreter's efficiency and accuracy decided the feed rate of globalization. The backward situation of Chinese interpreter bound is become after joining WTO, china moves toward a of international problem that is badly in need of solving.

Wang Xin tells a reporter, understand interpreter, study interpreter to can let more people, 2006, bureau of national foreign language grooms center and national library combination rolled out interpreter article to spend free series chair, arrive every months twice. Wang Rejin of senior interpreter home taught U.N. to tell about her to make the experience of simultaneous interpretation on the lecture Feburary 18 before. The report hall that the lecture of 3 hours makes can hold hundreds of people swarmed interpreter lover.

The interpreter task with there still are document of our country government and white paper to wait main since bureau of Chinese foreign language is long-term, it is the main force of domain of our country interpreter.