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Construction high quality translates professional team, implementation translate

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Guiyang the interpreter becomes “expensive Sun” , ophthalmic hospital the interpreter becomes “eye Hospital” , one-time things the interpreter becomes “a Time Sex Thing” , the mistake that these your people are between tears and smiles is in what is inland already new issue. Probably we cannot say to see home translates the professional level from personnel of course of study to have much difference from which, but can explain at least partial dragoman lacks basic professional morality and responsibility heart, abet mistranslate, random interpret, excessive interpret, borrowed and the undesirable wind such as piracy, cause those who translate quality to drop. The culture market of scan widely inland, accumulation of teaching material of the work of of all kinds interpreter with manufacture in a rough way, inferior quality, interpreter is like hill.

Such situation also translated the market to bring serious consequence to inland: The 500 strong businesses of world that enter home market should become inland to translate the big client of the market originally, but among them very big the mistake that translates company in quick succession as a result of inland however partly, must select many high price of 45 times, the data that translates need gives harbor, bay, mesa area, even transducer compose of abroad.

Data shows, end to go annual bottom, home translates industry total production value to achieve 30 billion yuan of RMB, but among them very big one part is travelled together to obtain by abroad, make a person distressed really. Those who rejoice is, home translates a bound to had begun to take this problem seriously, use all sorts of methods actively to solve these problems. No less than " Shanghai of Chinese interpreter industry is enunciative " in be said: “ promotes the core that translates an industry competition ability, realize those who translate an industry to be able to develop continuously, it is the historical mission that translates industrial worker; Strengthen industry self-discipline and management, scrupulously abide by professional morality, bring up high quality to translate professional team, it is the only way that realizes interpreter estate development. ” our joint efforts and expect.