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Interpreter: The bottleneck that culture outputs

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Because of the relation of the Olympic Games, exposition of Beijing international books moves Tianjin to come. A lot of friends call to me, also want to ramble. I say to them, the book market that actually Tubohui follows common sense to go up is different, it is one negotiates copyright is introduced and output exhibit meeting, more extremely professional exhibit by force meeting, make sense common a few, it is the publication copyright that we buy them from foreign friend hand, of course, our copyright, also can sell them. Such, the communication of culture also was formed.

Someone says, china is ancient country of a civilization, culture is accumulated deep, have very powerful culture advantage inside certain period, now the rapid development as economy, promote our culture product to the international market, ordinarily should unchallenged. But actually, our introduce and output be disproportionate, even if has output, also be more encircle in the Chinese such as southeast Asia. Chatted with a Greek friend yesterday, he also thinks a lot of foreigners are having very strong interest to Chinese culture, can wait for a lot of reason because of the interpreter's level, culture output of China still is in clear weak power position in international competition. He says, be in Euramerican, truly perfectness Chinese or the Sinology home that understand Chinese culture deeply actually not much, and can doing those who know Gu Hanyu and ancient poetry, idiom is rare more, chinese mainland is translated, also face such dilemma likewise, consequently China wants to solve culture truly to output a problem, principal is to solve translation problem. Such really, some closer year come, it is with literature only exemple, almost before abroad famous book of all a person of academic or artistic distinction or the work that have the honor to win large award now are come in by the introduction, no matter be translated well, the book is to be placed over. And the work of Chinese writer is uprighted to go out by interpret, and what generation affects extensively can be in in foreign reader, in the culture ring that enters them namely, it is little however little. Be China lacks work of good writer become reconciled? I am lost sight of. Lin Yutang and Zhang Ailing perhaps do not calculate the writer of Chinese best show, but they however can by place of reader of a few foreign countries witting, because is them,can use English writing directly formerly, they use the thing that English place states, the heart that leaves foreign reader possibly is closer more accurate also, be accepted by foreign reader place also be in reason. Because do not have agent,somebody puts forward Chinese writer to go further in abroad hard is, look according to me, had agent and do not have good translation, even if went out, like also can falling on surface as the leaf, do not have soundlessly breath.