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Communication culture difference, clever to interpret Chinese-English idiom

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A kind of any languages, oneself accumulate what the ground of common and dramatic image that come down depicts favor the ways of the world for a long time to finalize the design phrase or short sentence, “ idiom ” is called in English, “ idiom ” is called in Chinese, to weigh saying convenience, the article introduces the version of “ idiom ” .
Idiom is the view that common people is used for a long time and solid comes down surely, accordingly it contains intense ethical colour and bright culture connotation, be ethical culture accumulate, when this is being translated with respect to the requirement, cannot stay in literal surface merely, and the deep-seated meaning that should make clear Hunan idiom, communicate the culture difference of two kinds of languages, interpret of clever each other, ability does not lose the original lasting appeal of idiom.
See the Chinese interpret of English idiom first, be like: A Piece Of Cake.
The life that this idiom reflected Hesperian adequately is consuetudinary, to them, cake is extremely common food, no matter be,make cake or eating cake is relaxed and happy bagatelle one picket. To us, cake is luxury it seems that, eating cake is glad thing, do it is so easy to be done not have, but there is to mirror us by chance in Chinese the ” of dishful of cole of common saying “ with consuetudinary life of the Han people, its function and “a Piece Of Cake” comparative roughly, accordingly, be opposite with ” of “ cole dishful interpret “a Piece Of Cake” , can say to pass “ already justice ” , express “ feeling again ” , better land retained the original lasting appeal of the language.
Be like again: Under One’s Nose.
The ” of “ big nose of Hesperian gives our impression special profundity, him Hesperian also knows the likelihood this, accordingly they convey “ to be before someone with “under One’s Nose” , before the meaning of face ” of someone, if our metaphrase is “ to be below someone nose ” , do not accord with Chinese consuetudinary, ” of insufficient “ flavour, but we have “ to be below someone eyelid ” this common saying, because look in us, the “ eye ” below eyelid understands thoroughly everything, say to be with “ below someone eyelid so ” is more appropriate to interpret “under One’s Nose” .
Be like again: Set A Fox To Keep One’s Geese.
In western culture, sly fox should eat goose stealthily technically, if gives a fox to attend to goose, not be to send a sheep to enter tiger's mouth-jaws of death, disaster of ask for it, there is such understanding in our Chinese, if hard interpret is “ to let a fox see goose ” ,everybody can feel indescribable, but the ” of idiom “ open the door to a dangerous person that there is to be close to in Chinese, means him “ that it conveys introduces bad person in-house ” , happen as quits as meaning of “set A Fox To Keep One’s Geese” , so right interpret, very lifelike.
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