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Differentiate and analyse of metaphrase free translation

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As a kind of phenomenon, metaphrase and free translation are afraid is the interpreter that has the mankind oneself since practice ─ calculates a ─ from the written translation of be documented at least, exist all the time, history of it may be said is long, deep source and course is long. And from interpreter methodology meaning character, be in our country, of metaphrase and free translation contend for, at least can restrospect to sutra translates period (Luo Xinzhang, 1984) . Zhi Qian " syntax classics foreword " not only account a both controversy more than 1700 years ago (Chen Fukang, 1992:14-17) , and the place of the germ that spoke translator to use word-for-word translation, with the view with difficult Vickers, it is “ Buddha character, yijiyi need not be acted the role of, ” follow tasties originally, do not add article act the role ofing. Change character, contain translator to inspect among them classical be advantageous or divine language adore an element (refer to Shen Dan, 1997) . Ever since “ is begged read aloud really suddenly ablaze, and honour of Shang Zhi interpret talk a ” (Liang Qichao, 1920; quote from a secondary source from Chen Fukang, 1992: 17) , “ of path An Zhi 5 breaking this 3 not easy ” is far-reaching more. And with path install coinstantaneous turtledove Maluoshen objects metaphrase, power plan interpret (Liu Chongde, 1991: 46) . Such, in the endless flow that translates in our country, as one falls of metaphrase free translation, continue to 20 centuries all the time.

Inspect what this century concerns metaphrase free translation to talk differentiate, in have a verbal battle with of gun of lip of the person that discover both sides is talked each airs his own views, stick to one's argument, under analyse, although there is no lack of penetrating judgment, unavoidable also however study one of aspects with “ to the person, not as good as the feeling of the others ” , make person hard to avoid does not remember ” of “ take a part of the whole (Xie Weilian) case comes. In translating research, if regard research as in order to translate a method the object, can begin from two respects it seems that, namely: Inspect an interpreter to be a process (Translating) or result (Translations) . Look from the process, it is from the interpreter (why) should use why to plant the method begins, straight meaning still is free translation, both perhaps hold concurrently and have? Look from the result, be will be in condition of words of specific society culture (Socio-cultural Context) medium translation regards research as the object, discussed translator to adopt why to plant method, and the motive that is concealed in backside of this kind of method or purpose (why) . Can see, each other goes against these two kinds of methods. In metaphrase free translation at issue, from the process it seems that this one angle begins. And review each argument, in the noisy sound ” that speaks in this “ , discover the person that talk was not saying the move is same actually a thing! At best just is to saying the move is same the different position of a thing. Change character, the start of the person that talk (Point Of Departure) different: The person that talk is having what differ severally to limit to metaphrase and free translation. The article tries to be start with this, will agonistic [each viewpoint in 1] tries to classify, hope thereby gives out a relatively complete graph “ resembles ” , discuss interpreter method more greatly into the ground thereby.
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