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Culture words condition and phraseology are translated

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One, the interpreter of phraseology
The language is the carrier of culture, it is the main component of culture at the same time. And phraseology is the most active ingredient in the language, reflected the change of the life and social thought the most sensitively, it is the share that culture feature can reflect most in the language. Alleged phraseology points to word and phrase namely, the limits of word group includes phrase of all sorts of fixed arguments, be used to and common saying of be used to, phraseology has: The reason of phonic justice and origin, the generation of phraseology, mutation and containing rich, complex culture information, like geographical environment, society, , sense of belief of custom public feelings, religion, aesthetic orientaton, value and thinking means are waited a moment, can reflect rich people most among them colour and bright: culture individual character, reflect different people, the characteristic of different history culture, make the language of different people presents a different character. The interpreter requirement translator of phraseology is in widely, know his state well and truly the respect such as standard of the idea in culture, devotional, consuetudinary, value while, faithful the value that communicates native culture and soul, ability accomplishs the communication between different culture truly.

2, the main factor that phraseology of —— of culture words condition translates
American scholar D. A. The experiment of Swinnty makes clear, words condition is the main factor that affects a word to collect extraction, oversight the union of the meaning when phraseology acceptation is extracted and words condition, cannot reach the sufficient understanding to the sentence, cannot be in to phraseology the meaning in words condition is translated correctly.

Condition of language group language is the earliest only then author of school of Yu Lundui function Malinnuofusiji the definition of antonym condition, he thinks words condition can be divided for scene words condition and culture words condition. Scene words condition is when showing language behavior is given out all round circumstance, its property, the relation of participator, place, means. Culture words condition is a certain specific verbal mass organizations that shows any language uses place to belong to, and standard of the history that every verbal mass organizations forms for a long time, culture, custom, thing, consuetudinary, value and thinking means. Because different people is located geography, humanitarian the history and culture environment are different, the people of each nation mirrors the impression of generation and concept to also can produce difference to the outer world, so setting of different people culture makes people can generate different cognitive idea to the thing, arose to include the phraseology of different culture meaning consequently. As the development of the language, each link that culture element permeates the society to phraseology chooses and finalize the design ceaselessly, the specific tone of phraseology justice it is the reflection of each culture element mixes a nation appear, can the meticulous, character that reflects ethical culture in the round. Accordingly, the interpreter of phraseology is depending on the language culture environment that itself place exists, a lot of element that culture words condition contains, like public feelings of economy of history of geographical environment, society, politics, custom, religion devotional, aesthetic orientaton, viewpoint of value reads aloud the interpreter that reachs thinking means to affecting phraseology directly etc.
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