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The poetry rejection to the interpreter quality

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Poet and the language of this nation are united in wedlock the most cheek by jowl, the poet helps this nation perfect its language, those who make is more accurate, more Chun Mei. The contribution that poetic comparing fictionist builds to this ethical language is a few larger, but the poet cannot make him current like fictionist however go out, because poetry belongs to feeling and mood, of antonym character depend on sense is extremely strong, the language is in the process of report, the share that loses it necessarily is delicate with lasting appeal, and these are concerning however is essential. Since of Ai Lue spy an outstanding poet, it is a literary critic that has high quality, he is in " poetic sociality " write in one article: “ poem is different from other art, it to mixing the poet is agnate and the people that uses same language has a kind of value, and do not have this one value to other and phyletic people. ” Ai Lue is in especially state go up to perhaps have some of extreme, but the essence that spoke poetry however. Ai Lue returns illustrate to especially: “ essay work also has a consist in really former the language is medium and once translate the sense that can lose; But we feel, read an interpreter novel to want smaller than reading loss of an interpret poem much; And some kind of scientific book that reads an interpreter to come over, perhaps do not have a loss actually. ” Ai Lue's special meaning did not pass again clearly, have the style of solid content to narrative sex and those, it is OK report and unapt damage original intention, but poetry is an exception however, it belongs to a nation, in some sense, poetry rejects an interpreter.

Nobel literature award was opposite because of poetry the interpreter's rejection quality and desolate poet. Search the record of bear the palm of Nobel literature award, a typical case is ———1996 year Swedish literature courtyard awarded polish poetess Ximuboersika when award of year Nobel literature. Why to hope in the poet Mu Bo Ersi blocks a body to go up, is the eye of commissioner of Nobel literature award so determined?
One of letting us have a look at prize-giving word: Ximuboersika's poetry creates “ is perfect verbal object, it is the thought figure of work at sth with special care. We notice ” a keyword inside: ” of “ thought figure. ” of “ thought figure is one of main reasons that Ximuboersika is affirmed as the poet by Nobel literature award. Commissioner of Nobel literature award can value Ximuboersika, because she is a thought and union of poetic flavour both,get first-rate poet. Be in " any circumstances " in one poem, ximuboersika writes: “ because you are the first,you get rescued, / because you are the last,you get rescued, / because you are alone, / because over there have a lot of people, / because of towards the left, because right, / rain, because of shadowiness, / good because of weather, sunshine illuminate all things. ……” she gets rescued a person in predicament, be attributed to the existence of accidental force and detail, mix at first finally, mix alone a lot of, one left one right, one Yin Yiyang ———Contrary description, what reflect an idea already is abstruse, formed the pulling force of poetic flavour again.
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