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Oral interpretation knowledge: American culture is consuetudinary by-talk

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Oral interpretation knowledge: American culture is consuetudinary by-talk

Wang Enming (author brief introduction: Expert of research of culture of United States of university of Shanghai foreign language, english institute is taught, teaching material of exam of qualification of advanced oral interpretation writes Shanghai the member that comprise, teacher of famous and advanced oral interpretation, advanced spoken language)

American culture, in some sense, be European culture is outspread, because the language of American, her population is formed, and her spirit establishing a country results from Europe. On the other hand, american culture differs with Europe again, after because Europe emigrates to drive on North America mainland,walking along Indian, in the ground of run-down moor created the bright culture that your person praises greatly. So, talking about American culture consuetudinary with socialization when ceremony justice, want take into account already the photograph same sex of Euramerican culture, want to notice both photograph opposite sex again.

Culture is consuetudinary it is a limits the examination questions with extensive, complex content, involve the square respect area in the person lives in the society and interacting. Author protocol the form with by-talk, the culture with respect to American is consuetudinary make one shallow introduction.

Good-tempered sex

The United States is an emigrant country, its ancestor comes from at global each district. People is emigrant when the United States, go up in situation not just move, and the appraise sth through discussion that returns a their place country and custom habit belt reached new living ground. Because miscellaneous, the difference with respective people is very outstanding; Because difference is very general, people does not pay attention to oneness particularly. As time passes, the culture of American is consuetudinary in the good-tempered sex that formed higher rate (Tolerance) , support patient, acceptability attitude to heterogeneous culture and different appraise sth through discussion. On this, in American society feasible consuetudinary should go up than the world other country will widely float.

From political tell, watch of this kind of good-tempered sex is right now free pursuit and to free right safeguard. Say from religion, it reflects the harmonious coexistence in different belief. Look from life limits, it is shown differ now and a group of things with common features, of community of not agnate descendants get along in safety. To sum up in a word, be in the United States, everybody basically can choose different idea, devotional, lifestyle and traditional habit arbitrarily; People also can be in quite what oneself maintain on degree is consuetudinary with appearance. For example, the Jew can celebrate their religious red-letter day, and Nazarene criterion can their christmas and Easter. Again for example, american Chinese can live with Chinese in Chinese quarter and work; Same argument, vietnam immigrant can be in their “ is small the means that tribute ” presses Vietnam on the west runs business, undertake all sorts of activities.
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