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Translate practice and interpreter theory

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The history of the mankind that translates mobile practice to be the same as human oneself almost is likewise long, since the mankind had a language to have interpreter activity actually. According to historical literature account, early in BC Assyria empire period had had formal literal translation 3000. In BC the Babylonian regnal times of 18 centuries, the law that make known to lower levels thes common people and interpreter of government order need become a variety of written languages, government affairs is dealt with and decretal execution often also needs the cooperation of dragoman. The interpreter work that has literal record earlier is OK also the Gu Xila times of discipline of sansei of restrospect to BC. 72 Jewish learned men translate in Egypt Alexander city at that time " Bible • the Old Testament " (say again " 70 child Greek text Bible " ) it is at present foregone prior translates work. The poem of translate with Latin or adapts Ma Shi of Greek carry on one's shoulder that appears in succession later and Greek and Thespian work also show official written language translates an activity to be in ancient time already was a kind of very common phenomenon (Tan Zaixi 1991: 4) . Same, the interpreter history that in me state-owned document can investigate is OK from the Eastern Han Dynasty An Shigao of post emperor last years of a dynasty or reign translates sutra to calculate case. The Eastern Han Dynasty is translated to Tang Song's sutra, and the interpreter of science and technology at the beginning of Ming Moqing and the Opium War come later the Western learning of 54 ” period translates “ to be regarded as China 3 climaxes on interpreter history (Ma Zuyi: 1984) . In historical endless flow of these more than 2000 years, the interpreter carries out an activity to was not broken from beginning to end, countless outstanding interpreters the home accumulated rich interpreter experience, fumble an a large number of practical interpreter skill and strategy, offerred a lot of precious interpreter theory viewpoints and theory.

With of long standing and well established interpreter practice history photograph is compared, the interpreter is academic especially many what systematization interpreter's academic formation and development want evening relatively. Linguist tall manages offer of • Si Tan (George Steiner) academic monograph translates famously in its " language of —— of tower of exceeding lofty or great and view of interpreter area area " (After Babel: Aspects Of Language And Translation) in Ceng Di arrives, 20 centuries the interpreter before the fifties is academic all the time around the move if “ metaphrase ” (Literal Translation) , ” of “ free translation (Free Translation) with ” of “ faithful interpreter (Faithful Translation) such controversy that translates methodological problem to have without result (Steiner 1975/1998:318) . This is meant in translating the history endlessly, the interpreter of great majority is centered in “ theoretically how on the problem of interpret ” , and rate this one issue be interpreter theory is all. Till leaf of 20 centuries second half, assist a tool increasingly often with of all kinds interpreter as what the politics between international, economy, culture communicates (like machine translation) come out, the range that translates academic research and deepness are extended ceaselessly, interpreter investigator realizes “ stage by stage just now how although the problem of interpret ” is an interpreter in important topical, but just also translate theory and rather than of among them a component is all. The other in translating an activity a lot of phenomena, for example, the general character between the action that translates this pair of nation languages and contribution, different language and difference, can interpret sex and cannot the language mechanism of process of the relation between type of the purpose of the academic basis of interpret sex, interpreter, discourse and interpreter strategy, interpreter and person head and cognitive ability. Accordingly, here the distinction that we need to notice to translate theory to go up in macroscopical meaning and microcosmic meaning.
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