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The distinction of oral interpretation and written translation

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The distinction of oral interpretation and written translation in language respect is OK from with word and syntax two respects look.

With the distinction on the word

Some terms and expressive means can be used very beautifully in pen language, but in be being used in spoken language with respect to not very appropriate, below a lot of circumstances, of spoken language and pen language be widely divergent with the word. Be like:

Colloquial pen languageTo See To BeholdTo Ask To InterrogateIn This HereinOf This HereofAfter That ThereafterAbout With Reference To

Not be to say spoken language uses a word mediumly to cannot be used in pen language, however the commonly used certain word in pen language is used in spoken language to be able to appear eccentric. Because colloquial purpose is for intercourse, understand to let a person listen, if use a few not commonly used words, make if what saying, understand hard, so spoken language lost its sense. For example, have sentences of such a Chinese:

I worked one day, so tired that connect kang to go up not to go, ache confoundedly all over, sleep to also sleep to be not worn.

Special spoken language changes this sentence itself, so written translation, write existing writings word, but interpret is:

I Was So Fatigued After A Day's Drudgery That I Found It Very Hard To Mount The Kang. My Whole Frame Aching Acutely, I Could Not Go To Sleep, however Hard I Tried.

If oral interpretation personnel also resembles so the word of interpret, so listen go up endorsing like dragoman, sentence medium Fatigued, drudgery, mount, frame, acutely and However Hard are written language, do not suit to be used in oral interpretation, oral interpretation personnel can become its interpret:

I Was So Tired After A Day's Work That I Could Hardly Get On To The Kang. As My Whole Body Ached Like Anything, I Simplycouldn't Get To Sleep Even If I Tried To.

The distinction on syntax

In oral interpretation, dragoman should use brief simple sentence as far as possible, is not grow complexly sentence. This has two profit, the first, brief simple sentence accords with talking habit, the 2nd, the accident on syntax appears in using brief simple sentence to be able to avoid oral interpretation, and complex length sentence often make dragoman gives accident or opening by accident, be like:

Now The Superpowers Have Been Exposed To The Charge That They Reserve Their Nuclear Weapons For The Revolutionary People Of The World.

This sentence is very long, the subordinate clause of That guiding is not the attributive subordinate clause of got-up Charge, however substantival subordinate clause, make the appositive of Charge, should interpret gets for “…… such censuring, namely ……” . If dragoman is used grow an interpreter, do not take care, meet by accident interpret becomes:
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