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Interpret does not have calm law, interpret is everlasting, interpret is not had perfect, interpreter literature space is vast. Interpreter bound and critical bound more and more the tendency such consensus. Interpreter home challenges literary original work and the translation in front ceaselessly, it is meddlesome admittedly. The reader cannot not take care to be engaged in however when the choice, avoid by all means drifts with the tide, money yielding of low quality drove out fine money, becloud is in cloud and mist, do not fall on differentiate discretion.

Abound the interpreter home that creates spirit and good literary translation, need is touched on clever perspicacious reader, ability shows original artistic glamour. The reader also is in just about of all sorts of translation in be being differentiated quite, go overing grown with weeds Cun Jing, drive out evil and usher in good. Of Yi Bosheng " graceful the home that pull " in 30 years share 9 kinds Chinese translation, a few shows this; Of Situomu " mattress dream lake " from 1921 head after interpret, already rolled out 23 Chinese version to 1997; Shakespeare is Thespian Chinese translator is more OK and listed a long string long: Zhu Shenghao, Liang Shiqiu, square heavy, Bian Zhilin, square equality. The different translation of same original work, accepting the masses and time examine.

Xu Shigu ever contrasted the snow Lai interpret of 8 version is made, xu Jun chair each to just discuss " red with black " the gain and loss of different translation, careful oneself spend a person, draw lessons from fine much. The manner is precise, diligent in an attempt to translates the home and their masterpiece faultlessly, the Jing Hua that be like Cao and " iron flows " , Zhang Gu is like and " liver mosses silk of De Baijia " , Fu Lei and " tall old man " , Yang Jiang and " Tangjihede " , pass oneself for many times read and correct proof edits even retranslate, just made the model that translates literary history to go up. Feng Yi Daiyi is over Hemingway's play and novel, ask Dai Wangshu to alter again embellish; Work of Lu Xun of interpret of the experience that increase field, Wang Xili day, Russia interpret, ask for advice for many times Lu Xun; Kun Dela proofreads him personally the French translation of a few novels, spend two years of time; Him sigh with regret of Lin Yutang old age the intention of Chinese interpret disagreement of work, but ability not equal to one's ambition. The high mountain is admired stop. Those excessive interpret grab interpret medley the person that borrowed flows, and irresponsible publisher, gain fame by deceiving the public, make translate literary error to circulate, leave a legacy of trouble is not shallow.

Nai is amounted to think translation 50 years should retranslate, ying Recheng's viewpoint also happens to have the same view. The life of the play 50 years sufficient, language color varies, age demand change, how can not retranslate? Luo Dagang ever was commented on appear the earliest from 1862 since law interpret Han Shi, hind the person such as Er of dust dimension of cover of Ye of classics dagger auspicious, heart tries hard ceaselessly, arrive from be similar in shape alike in spirit, again both give attention to two or morethings, translation is perfected gradually, the process of the latercomers surpass the formers. Contrary, before a lot of have disgrace even on may not house later virtuous answer interpret work, indeed botch original work, rotted appetite, the to translate literature noise that say and cacophony, had not been probably.
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