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Oral interpretation is high frequency vocabulary

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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary

Care Care For Senior Citizens of the aged person.

Aristocratic school Exclusive School (beautiful) ; Select School (flower)

State-owend enterprise off-duty workers lives basically safeguard Guarantee Of Basic Cost Of Living Allowances For Workers Laid Off From State-owned Enterprises

Tighten day Tighten One’s Belt too

Cross Live A Life At A Subsistent Level of life of dress warmly and ear one's fill

Reasonable adjust To Rationally Readjust The Employment Structure of obtain employment structure

Logistics serves socialization Make Logistic Services Independent In Their Operation

Positive development run by the local people teachs Efforts Should Be Made To Develop Schools Not Operated By Government Education Departments.

Basic annuities Basic Pensions

Responsibility System Of Family Planning of family planning system of job responsibility

Continue to begin “ to sweep fizzle out The Fight Against Pornography of dozen of blame ” fight, illegal Publications And Piracy Shall Be Continued.

Accelerate housing allocation money to change process Capitalization Process Of Housing Distribution/allocation

Strengthen Further Improve Family Planning of family planning job

Strengthen public opinion to supervise Ensure That The Correct Orientation Is Maintained In Public Opinion

Domestic goodness Family Virtues

Hold to “ two tactics to catch, the guiding principle Adhere To The Principle Of “doing Two Jobs At Once And Attaching Equal Importance To Each that two tactics wants hard ””

Hold to true public opinion oriented Maintain The Correct Orientation For Public Opinion

Build To Establish A Group Contract System of collective contract system

Build the To Establish A Market-oriented Employment Mechanism of obtain employment mechanism with oriented market

Build new-style working relationship To Establish A New Type Of Labor Relations

Construction is clean-fingered, diligent politics, Build A Clean And Diligent of deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient government, pragmatic And Efficient Government

Build a prosperous and strong, democracy, civilized country Build A Prosperous, strong, democratic And Culturally Advanced Country

Teach degree Educational Status; Education Received

Teach rate rate Educational Attainment Ratio

Drug Rehabilitation Center of poisonous place of Buddhist monastic discipline

Essence of life calculates bound Actuarial Profession

Essence of life calculates division Actuaries
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