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Caption of ancient music music is translated

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1, running water Flowing Water
2, Chang Qling length Qing Dynasty
3, gull aigret forgets machine Forgatting The Vulgar Ideas
4, fine night brings Tune For A Peaceful Night
5, Long Xiang holds Long Xing Cao
6, The Midnight Crow(GUAN Ping-hu of bird morbid night crying of babies)
7, Chun Xiaoyin Morning In Spring
8, Bai Xue White Snow
9, An Ling comes loose Guang Ling Verse
1, Wild Geese Over The Clam Sands of smooth Sha Layan
2, tempest brings Tune Of Wind And Tunder
3, the Huo Lin that obtain Lin
4, brown rock tune is deep and remote orchid Orchid In Seclusion In Jie Shi Diao
5, Mist And Clouds Over Xiao-Xiang River of cloud of Xiao Xiang water
6, The Grand Hujia of big Hu Jia
7, Lisao leaving coquettish
8, yes it is Ao Ai

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