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Teenage crime Juvenile Deliquency

. Light-water reactor Light Water Reactor (LWR)

. Dumping Dump; Dumping

. Grab run "false Start, beat The Gun "

. Fleece Make Somebody Pay Through The Nose; Put The Lug On; Rob By A Trick

. Grab first machine Take The Preemptive Opportunities

. H-bomb Hydrogen Bomb

. Light Rail Train of light rail train

. Scare buying Panic Buying

. Cut bit of Point Of Penetration; Breakthrough Point

. Affection business Emotion Quotient (EQ)

. Affairs Concerning Nationals Residing Abroad of affairs concerning nationals living abroad

. Have a special liking Show Special Preference (Favor) To…

. Countrymen Residing Abroad of countrymen residing abroad

. Affection consumes Emotional Consumption

. If You Have No Hand You Can't Make A Fist of one can't make bricks without straw. / One Can't Make Bricks Without Straw.

. Be cocky Be Cocky; Get Stuck-up

. Imperial Envoy of imperial envoy chancellery; Imperial Commissioner

. Beg Great Harmony, put little surprise Seek Common Ground On Major Question While Reserving Differences On Minor Ones

. Diligent politics Lian Zhengjian sets Keep Government Functionaries Honest And Industrious

. Part-work And Part-study System of part-work and part-study system; Work-study Program

. Avian flu Bird Flu

. Bend body "jackknife, pike "

. Tomb-sweeping day Pure Bright Festival; Tomb Sweeping Day

. Liquidate / settle accounts Clearing /settlement

. Liquidate bank Clearing Bank

. Liquidate company Clearing Corporation; Liquidation Company

. Qing Dynasty produces nuclear endowment Asset And Capital Verification

. Clean Energy of clean the sources of energy

. Embezzle Public Funds/ Embezzlement Of Public Funds of embezzle public money

. Negotiate meeting "fair, meeting "

. Pull tribal chief Initiator

. The travel of a thousand li only then at you A Thousand-li Journey Begins With The First Step——the Highest Eminence Is To Be Gained Step By Step

. Millennium baby Millennium Infant; Millennium Baby

. Millennium Bug of chiliad problem, Y2k

. Company of risk of birthday of 1000 acting cropland (Japan) Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Co.

. The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonial Signing Ceremony

. Money bag Fund Sources

. The thing does not forget before, the division Past Experience of funeral affairs, if Not Forgotten, is A Guide For The Future.
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