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English interpreter process and answer skill

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The interpreter that English of matriculation of Master graduate student coils often is the link of weakness of extensive candidate for an entrance examination partly, so according to statistic, of examinee notching is to be in 3 minutes to arrive 5 minutes for the most part, can take an examination of above, be very disastrous thing. So one's deceased father grind where is the interpreter hard after all? Be a structure complex? Is the sentence too long? Is the new word too much? Understand far from? Don't have law expression?

Basically have at 2 o'clock reason:

The first it is to take an examination of grind the characteristic that translates problem itself, of 6 years of edition one's deceased father grind outline makes clear a regulation, one's deceased father grind the interpreter basically inspects examinee “ partly accurate understanding concept or the ability that are the material of the English written language with more complex structure, requirement translation is accurate, complete, clear and coherent. ” outline gives you bright said, the sentence that requirement examinee translates is originally concept or it is a structure more complex, these sentential itself understanding have difficulty; Reasonable solution while, still ask examinee is inside the 25 time that arrive 30 minutes accurate and complete use Chinese clear and coherently to convey. So sentential structure and meaning are very complex, the expression that asks so short time is exact again comes out, this can cause a few foundations to compare difference to do the classmate or that inscribes skill without what again is to look not to understand, the condition that although looking,knows falls to also cannot be conveyed thoroughly.

The 2nd be by a few of English and Chinese major difference is caused. Just about these a few differences make we have on understanding difficult, there is difficulty more on expression, have which a few major differences so, the first, form close and meaning close, the 2nd be, heavy and complicated and concise, the 3rd be, passivity and active, the 4th be, abstraction and specific, the 5th be, change and relapse. So of English and Chinese so a few distinction, decided if do not have the certain skill that become a problem and interpreter knowledge,examinee is in inside the time of half an hour as much, already cannot accurate understanding, cannot complete expression.

So how to solve look not to understand already, where is the problem of won't accurate expression?

One, form close and meaning close

Interior of the sentence in different language or exterior join use syntax, vocabulary, the meaning of a word almost these 3 kinds of methods. With before two kinds of methods join is called form close, join of a kind of method after using is called meaning close. With respect to English and Chinese, english is to emphasize formally be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, chinese is to emphasize the couple on the meaning close together. Specific will tell, english sentence is to pass one a complete set of the syntactic structure of whole system and conjunction are together word and word group combination, emphasize a structure going up correct, the rigor on logic, on thinking rigorous. And Chinese criterion otherwise, that is to say between the clause of sentence of a Chinese and clause, or it is phrase and phrase between, there is connection on the meaning, but use associated word rarely. Use each clause or the meaning group that are phrase to compose a complete sentence. There is a kind of problem to let us be make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings of article of a classical Chinese according to the meaning in Chinese also been do certainly when everybody is taking an examination of an university from high school, so what is the foundation of make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings? The meaning of the meaning that adopts every written language and whole article comes of make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings, so Chinese of that is to say is to pass a meaning to come to those who rise be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, can be the fellow with a few irrelevant fine long hair it seems that apparently, but combination is together however the sense is deep.
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