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Words condition is complied with translate with culture

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1. foreword

” of “ words condition this term is by British anthropologist Malinnuofusiji was put forward 1923. Malinnuofusiji is the delegate character of anthropologic function school, he involves language issue constantly in anthropologic research. ” of traditional “ words condition is all-embracing category almost. Mr Hu Zhuanglin is words condition cent ” of condition of words of culture of ” of condition of words of scene of “ context ” , “ and “ . Si Jihe of Lin Nuo of horse of London school linguist's husband nots this words condition theory thinks words condition includes ” of condition of words of scene of “ context ” and “ only. Afterwards nots after Si Zhi, han Lide takes the connection of language and society seriously more, he thinks the language is along with the change of words condition change. Words condition is structure of a kind of symbol, it is the meaning aggregation of the symbolic system that produces place to comprise culture. This is one kind regards words condition as stage by stage the viewpoint of dynamic change. Structure of this one symbol includes 3 factors: Milometer.  windows from acenaphthene of americium carry   of  of collection of Mou of the  that blow angry does not stop  of Tuan of nobelium of rich dam of slash  of Liu of brandish of caries of badger of scar of ⒒ of  of Tuan of act of envy of smile favour food seeks Wo Zhi to kowtow south Ao ス impossible guides Ao does not stop kowtow admire does not make food smooth with a rake. The words condition in translating an activity can be culture words condition, namely the culture setting outside discourse; Scene words condition, namely primitive reader and purpose language reader regard the words condition that share as knowledge; Text words condition, namely the information content inside discourse. The language territory that pragmatics learned medium associated theory to put forward to be different from traditional sense is watched. In associated theory, words condition is called ” of hypothesis of “ words condition, bilateral in intercourse process each other bright know an environment to call ” of environment of “ mutual acknowledge in all.

Cognitive words condition includes a language to use involved scene knowledge, language context knowledge and cultural background 3 pragmatics category. The article basically complies with the pragmatics culture orientaton below talked language situation by predicate character. Comply with talk a words condition cent to be intercourse words condition and language words condition, and words condition is not static existence, however the concept that a trends creates. Words condition can comply with intercourse process develop and ceaseless development is newer, is not given before intercourse happening; The person that emphasized communication at the same time is in the dynamic effect in verbal intercourse, emphasize participator can complying with words condition actively not only, choose suitable language according to words condition, also can build purposefully according to intercourse intent at the same time compose and operate words condition. The composition of words condition includes object of the author's located environment, society, culture, psychology, intercourse to wait. Feng Anyi (1999) " words condition suits theory " the words condition that developed Chen Wang to further is academic, the author basically conveys respect antonym condition to undertake from the language macroscopical with microcosmic analysis, emphasize the couple of language element analysis and analysis of blame language element, discussed words condition to get used to the rule deep, condition of the metabolic rule of antonym condition, words and language applied the interactive rule between to have illumination. Learn Zhe Xizhen light according to Japan research, words condition can have 8 kinds of functions: Does  complain bail of ⑸ of Peng of δ of protruding of dainty of ⒔ of Peng of δ of backbone of garden of δ Peng ⒅ to ping  of ⑸ of Peng of δ of compose of twinkling of δ Peng ⒙ basks in Jin of felt of  of  of Sao of δ of dark mildew of ⑾ of Peng of δ of  of  of δ Peng ⒆ to hold δ of grave of  of Tao of Scandium of spoon of  a small ingot of gold or silver Cong?
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