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My school interpreter learns a research center to teach hall smoothly through th

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On March 12, 2008 morning, to declare Guangdong to save a college humanitarian society science studies mainly base, what my center greeted a province to teach hall leader and expert series is on-the-spot make an on-the-spot investigation. The investigation group is being listened to after report and inspecting a center, was sure the soft hardware of my center is built adequately, to central future development expresses great expectations, offerred precious opinion and proposal at the same time.

Sui Anjun of my school vice-president, Zhong Wei closes, chen Wei of section chief of Office of Science and Technology is smooth, liang Xuehong of secretary of Yu Dong of Mu Lei of advanced interpreter prexy, assistant dean, general Party branch, the interpreter learns a research center only, pluralistic researcher, personnel attended the meeting related the Office of Science and Technology.

After Guangdong province teachs hall to evaluate yellow Li Lou of division section chief to announce the conference begins, sui Anjun learns the fundamental condition of the research center to make brief report to my school and interpreter above all, affirmatory school will be ensured as always in configuration of infrastructure, personnel, system wait for a respect to support central construction, increase positive result of pair of high level scientific research give aid to and reward strength.

Subsequently, professor of east wind of king of university of Zhongshan of expert group group leader chairs a meeting to discuss, professor of wave of Liu Jian of college of industry of grain of Hua Na of as other as expert group member, and south university Professor Li Guoqing listened to central work to report together.

Advanced interpreter prexy, interpreter learns research center director Professor Mu Lei to point out in the report, linguistics of foreign country of central general and “ of course of key of school state level and applied linguistics ” share resource, the advantage is complementary, the managerial condition that relies on advanced interpreter institute and complete talent develop a system, learn a research organization in order to build home's top-ranking interpreter to be long-term goal. Mu Lei introduced a center in detail direction of 4 old research: The interpreter learns lab of academic lab, oral interpretation theory, application to translate lab and literary interpreter academic lab. Hold water up to now, center only, pluralistic researcher research devotes into scientific research actively, achievement plentiful and substantial.

Then, vice-president intermediate Wei added up to a professor to make a report with respect to ” of research technique of task “ oral interpretation. Research technique of “ oral interpretation is talked”This task drafts a system to comb theme of the development history that domestic and international oral interpretation studies, research, research technique, analysis, summary and the course research technique that explore oral interpretation research, establish framework of system, complete oral interpretation research technique, study for burgeoning oral interpretation course builds the platform that course develops.
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