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In talent of interpret evaginate interpret is short of urgently be badly in need

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Outside the interpret in the “ that holds from a few days ago - the message that comes out on the forum of road ” high level of Chinese trend world makes clear, china is current in the talent outside interpret shorts badly, be badly in need of ” of blood of compensatory and fresh “ .
As we have learned, all sorts of information that our country transmits medium interpreter to work external at present basically is an a large number of concerned China are translated into foreign language by Chinese. As a result of the characteristic of Chinese language character, also mix as a result of the history real reason, there is enough interpreter at present on the world can assume for China giant, what grow increasingly is medium the task outside interpret.
The Cai Wu of director of office of news of the State Council that attends this second forum points out, the foreign language education of the college grooms the foster and strengthens this respect special subject research of the talent outside the interpret in ought to taking seriously more.
(origin: The People's Daily is abroad edition)