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Make small language talent become planning to set Thai greatly is

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In October 2006 portion, royal Normal University signs Chengdu university and Thailand Bangkok cooperative agreement, both sides will be in Thai education and groom wait for a respect to spread out collaboration. It is reported, chengdu university plans to be in in recent years inside create peaceful language family, begin small language education.
According to introducing, in recent years, as the rapid development of our city tourism, grow day and day to the demand of Thai talent. Plain inside when tourism needs Thai to translate, it is to those who invite arrive outside the province mostly, together with can extend the requirement of the service, my province is badly in need of Thai translating a talent at present. It is reported, chengdu university already expedited a teacher to go to Thailand Bangkok royal Normal University learns Thai, will begin Thai to groom 2007 the job, plan to create peaceful language family inside the last few years, recruit small language undergraduate through the university entrance exam.
(Origin: Sichuan news network - Chengdu daily dispatch)