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Famous essay to pay take famous translation translation

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Yesterday, the Shanghai Translation Publishing House said, the French writer, Nobel Prize winner in 1947 of four important works by Andre Gide, "to food", "counterfeit money maker" in the "narrow gate", "the Vatican cellars," the first time in booklet Published in the form introduced by the agency. One of the most important famous essay, "to pay" out of print for sixty years by the famous translation of Sheng Chenghua translation. It is understood that the publication received Kidd Series books are carefully selected the most important representative Kidd, Kidd is the reader into the world of contradictions and varied interpretation of such a required reading for writers. Four Books, including "to pay" "counterfeit makers" "strait gate" "the Vatican cellar." The "land food" is Gide traveled in North Africa and Italy, the lyrical approach, which combines a traditional short poem, ode, written in the form of rotation curve Thoughts on a series of poetic, full of life and questioning of life; "coins maker" is described by Kidd the only one novel, a true record of the young confusion, doubt and resistance; "narrow Door "Is Kidd's famous for, it tells a full religious sentiment platonic love story of two young people love the spirit of blending and Xinghai apart, the last heroine to make her lover can be more freely The other side to reach the kingdom of heaven, and reject each other, endure terrible loneliness. "Vatican cellar" is a satirical work, the story around a group of criminals plot to plunder the wealth of expansion, known as Kidd's most daring in the performance of individual The most unique one works. It is worth mentioning that the version published in the Kidd series selected for the well-known translator and Guiyu Fang Sheng Chenghua name translation works. Mr. Sheng Chenghua particular translation "to food", not only difficult to go beyond the authority of And since the late twentieth century has been almost forty republish, already are scarce rare. According to reports, Sheng Chenghua is the first of Gide's leading experts, his dealings with Kidd has gone beyond the general relationship, at To a considerable depth.