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Health beautiful major translates evaluation of mobile phone X7

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Wen Quxing, fast interpret is connected wait for electronic dictionary to be in domestic widely known, the role that between contemporary student they act is crucial, OK even praise the “ that is students ” of the 2nd teacher. And the market share that owns considering group of high school student of mobile phone market in recent years is larger and larger, professional study mobile phone makes potential new market, health beautiful fast person one pace, in New Year during brought a surprise to us: Rolled out first major of so-called “ China to translate X7” of study mobile phone, the area of China of edition of Oxford dictionary electron that enjoys solely among them uses copyright exclusively is to make more X7 is had cry board the capital of electronic dictionary. See here, as the student whether do you have a place excited, no time to lose in doing the job, the time below we will serve Kang Jia X7 the evaluation report with fresh hot heat for everybody, also letting us see X7 at the same time is how to challenge Wen Quxing, fast interpret to understand the professional authority that waits for electronic dictionary.

Is ” of mobile phone of study of first professional interpreters of so-called “ China in Kang Jia X7 probably whether is there a place in eye of a lot of people exaggerated? Actually otherwise, use copyright exclusively from the area of China of edition of Oxford dictionary electron that enjoys solely we see X7 is to have particular actual strength really.

Above all, we see the major of X7 in exterior respect, the both sides of software of function of mobile phone clavier sets ” of “ two-way interpreter respectively (later development will be detailed explanation) the special shortcut key with “ dictionary ” . And immanent respect is the mainest dictionary function of course, contemporary English-Chinese double solution, Oxford enters Oxford search the world, Oxford rank synonym of English of English-Chinese double solution, Oxford is in charge of 4 big dictionaries believe the major of certifiable X7. Meanwhile X7 is returned inside buy augment of dictionary of new English-Chinese dictionary, English-Chinese double Jie Xinhua of the interpreter cover a range. Learn mobile phone X7 not to translate a function only of course as additionally, the Chinese character knowledge of our country is likewise important, so X7 joined Chinese big dictionary, China to become language dictionary, Gu Hanyu commonly used dictionary. The translates group of teams to believe X7 to be able to rival major completely electron dictionary that is like this major.  

Respecting interpreter has to say naturally its advocate function of hit ” of “ two-way interpreter, two-way ” of “ of just as its name implies is the each other interpret between English and Chinese, the limits of the use all dictionary that has with respect to mobile phone itself of course, and achieve the effect is emulation pronunciation of English-Chinese is whole interpreter and TTS, the successful rate of its interpreter in be being used actually is very high.
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