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Can scan and mobile phone of new fund of 3 water chestnut releases interpreter d

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3 water chestnut electric machinery of Japanese released a D905i of powerful mobile phone of 3G slip lid, this machine uses screen of resolution of 3.1 inches of 260 thousand kinds of wide VGA (864×480 resembles element) , around has each 100 thousand mix like element 3.2 million those who resemble element photograph like the head, and support MicroSD store card expands

This machine beyond the function besides the tradition, still have interpreter function, can photograph statement of the English that pats like the head, Han Yu, Chinese to be translated automatically into other language. Of this machine 3 surrounding is millimeter of ×18.7 of millimeter of 110 millimeter ×49, weight amounts to 132 grams, 4 kinds of color can offer consumer preference.

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