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Conference of learning of international of interpreter of literature of language

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On June 28, the phylum outside Harbin project university is sponsorred, consider to give priority to a problem with innovation ” with literature of language of “21 century foreign language • of literature of • of the first foreign language character translates • international academic conference is in sailing activity center to be held ceremoniously. Come from add, the expert scholar of a few colleges of country and the area such as Han, beautiful, day, Russia and our country is close 200 people gather together, with respect to foreign language character, literature and interpreter the pertinent question of the domain undertook enthusiastic communication and delibrate.
Gao Wanxin of vice secretary of this school Party committee attends an opening ceremony and make a speech, to attending the meeting scholastic arrival expresses to welcome. He points out, the school values the progress of foreign language course all the time, come for years course construction gained remarkable success, • of literature of • of the first foreign language character translates held “ conference of • international learning”, mix for expert scholar communication, delibrate not only report newest learning studies achievement provided platform, more domestic and international person of the same trade is known and understand rare opportunity of this school, course of outer to the school language and international conform, strengthen international communication and collaboration to will rise to urge action tremendously.
Heilongjiang saves chairman of seminar of teaching of university foreign language, Harbin Institute of Technology to teach Qiao Mengduo, peter King of doctor of university of Ni Kesi of humble of Canadian scholar, United States, english of university of Korea head Er teachs prexy Byungmin Lee, zhang Delu of prexy of foreign language of Chinese marine university makes a speech on the opening ceremony. Phylum director Professor Ou Yangquan chairs an opening ceremony outside.
After the opening ceremony, the domestic and international famous learned man such as dragon of Peter King, Byungmin Lee, Zhang Delu, Cheng fine jade makes learning report on invitation. Delegate attending the meeting is serious listen respectfully, undertook linguistics, literature, interpreter in group delibrate.
Bencihui discusses hold the learning that is domain of foreign language character, literature, interpreter to consider to build a good communication platform, in 3 days, the person that attend the meeting is linguistics, contemporary to coming nearly 20 years the topic for discussion such as foreign literature and the research positive result that translate a domain and development trend undertook extensive and thorough discuss, to the learning of this domain research rose to urge action actively.

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