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Northern region undergraduate course translates major to build a seminar to be h

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The major of interpreter of northern region undergraduate course that by Beijing institute of interpreter of institute of the 2nd foreign language sponsors builds a workshop in June 13-14 day is held in Beijing, the expert of education of more than 40 interpreter that comes from university of Beijing foreign language, Beijing to wait for 17 colleges of countrywide via trade university, Beijing language university external is taught. Qiu Ming of vice-president of institute of the 2nd foreign language, Ministry of Education teachs Beijing high association of interpreter of Liu Xianghong of section chief of department of department liberal art, China Jiang Yonggang of standing deputy secretary-general attended the meeting intercurrent watch delivers a speech.
The curricular setting that this second conference translates professional education target, undergraduate course to translate major with respect to undergraduate course and each school undergraduate course translated the topic for discussion such as professional managerial characteristic to spread out to discuss. Conference atmosphere is enthusiastic, experts contend for photograph speech, obtained result, produced constructive viewpoint and opinion, reached consensus. The seminar discussed the education mode that translates major, strengthened undergraduate course to translate professional construction, promoted sound curricular system build, the urgent question that put forward to translate major education place to be faced with at present is preliminary discuss its to settle way. Expert attending the meeting agrees consistently, will build an undergraduate course to translate professional controller to connect a system henceforth, hold a seminar regularly, solve the problem that appears in education in time.
The school that attends plenary meeting has: University of Beijing foreign language, Beijing external institute of university of institute of foreign language of university of foreign language of classics trade university, Beijing language university, Heibei Normal University, Xi'an, Sichuan, Shandong, Tsinghua university, diplomacy, south open university of aerospace of institute of foreign language of university, Tianjin, Beijing, Beijing manage of industrial and commercial university, Beijing is versed in.
(origin: China translates a society)