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English study, interpreter and culture are cultural

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(the speech that professor of Liu Gu grandson teachs a TV station in Shanghai " the section is chosen " )
. . . . . . . Come to English consider as culture carrier, it is the tool of the appearance of thinking, intercourse not just, it is not just more Except and Except For are distinguished in the exam, how to raise the question of accomplishment on culture level however.

In learn English while, must regard the ligament of spirit of choice of hold together people as Chinese.

I still hope the Department of Chinese Language and Literature also can foster a handful elite.

I hope everybody comes to English to learn as the carrier of culture. Because the world is of much polarization, so somebody thinks the language also is much polarization. English is in 20 centuries are strong language, someone says to be in 21 centuries, english wants downfallen, meeting a large number of heroes is consistent, times of the Warring States will come, I believe not quite. Somebody cites the history that Latin dissension becomes all sorts of nation languages, because this says English also is met such, I think won't. English has been divided into a lot of category now, past We Used To Speak Of One English.Today We Speak Of Many Englishes. Here, english becomes plural, have Australia English, chinese English is waited a moment, but English remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, basically be have on the vocabulary very big different, there also are a few interesting shares in resembling Chinese English, be inducted Anglicism. Cite a case, long Time No See, it is pidgin English originally, now flower beauty says, but this is few. So, change again, basically also change lexical respect, very it's hard to say can happen in syntactic domain. Still be adage, remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, grammatical and changeless, so I do not believe English can change the class that gives grammar to have fundamental difference.

From the point of the current situation, the sheer number that uses English is amounted to 1.1 billion, be next to Chinese, apply limits, range to be more than Chinese a lot of. The meeting when reviewing a professor asks, you are in " Science " (beautiful) or in " Nature " (flower) on had published an article. 75 % use in that way science magazine English, so you cannot evasive fact, you must admit it is strong, the fact is put in at the moment, so much person is used, have so much use again, like international politics, international instruction of domain of relation domain, science and technology, computer, aviation is waited a moment. Additionally English has its rich sex, from theoretic usable vocabulary 400 thousand word is much, and French, German, 200 thousand word is controlled. In English synonymous much, lin Yutang has said, englishman most meeting name-calling, the Englishman scolds “ lying ” , his statistic has 125 kinds of “you Flirt With Truth” that talk a way too (you dally with the truth) , “you Are Guilty Of Terminological Inexactitude” (your diction is doubtful) , because I teach English,not be, have a special liking to English so, english is such.
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