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Oral interpretation translates 10 big principles

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1) uses guest join principle

When examinee is translating the phrase that move guest, answer to consider the class status of object first. Object may be phrase of noun, noun and sentence. The object of different composition decided predicate use. In the following example for instance “ hopes the choice area of ” is very large, can use Hope join sentence already, also can use Hope For, the join noun phrase such as Look Forward To, so examinee becomes word group or sentence with respect to consideration object is easier interpreter. Accordingly, the core idea of principle of the join that move guest is “ first object, hind predicate ” , the interpreter is met be suddenly enlightened.
L China people hopes the world is too smooth from beginning to end, people of hope each country is friendly get along.

The Chinese People Are Always Looking Forward To Global Peace And Friendship Among All Nations.

The Chinese People Are Always Hoping That The World Is At Peace And People Of All Nations Will Coexist Friendlily.

2) tense principle

Tense imagines than unlike in the interpreter in so simple, often be a difficulty in the exam. Tense can reflect factor of a kind of feeling sometimes, the use when undertaking especially, in the first example for instance the use body when undertaking now reveals snout of a kind of v&v compliment to the Chinese nation, laudatory, the interpreter gave ” of the “ essence of this word, gas, god, the past in the last example undertakes often expression the behavior ” with a kind of peculiar “ constantly, it is deflection normally the snout at Negative, so we discover this word him American writes 10 have 89.
All through the ages of L the Chinese nation likes freedom and peace.

The Chinese People Have Always Been Cherishing Freedom And Peace.

The Chinese People Always Cherish Freedom And Peace.

The Chinese People Are Always Cherishing Freedom And Peace.
L China past is, now is, in the future is ……

China Was And Remains To Be…
L China people more feel of freedom and peace precious.

The Chinese People Have Cherished Freedom And Peace Than Ever.
L at the appointed time, ……

At That Time, ……
L arrives 2007, gross domestic product of Shanghai average per capita predicts to reach 7500 dollars.

By 2007, the Per Capita GDP In Shanghai Is Expected To Reach US$7500.
L As A Result We Were Going To Be Living In A Fundamentally Unmanaged Economic System.

Thereby we should live possibly in essential cannot in the economic system that the palm controls.
L After All, china And Cuba And Other Targets Of U.S. –led Criticism In The Committee Were Always Going To Vote And Lobby Against Washington.
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