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Foreign trade easy communication and the bridge interpreter economy that communi

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Regard the foreign trade after reforming and opening as communication and communication bridge, the interpreter had permeated each domains of economy of our country countryman nowadays. Join WTO as China, and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world rich met 2010 hold, of communication of international home market and shirt-sleeve pace accelerate make the speed that interpreter economy is having no before to the travel before industrialization stride.
The material that according to Beijing registration book of company of industrial and commercial bureau handles shows, before 1998, the business that the name with center of translation firm, interpreter or interpreter company registers Beijing does not cross 109, and up to by 2002, this number had achieved 800 above. Meanwhile, the waits for translation company service sort below language exceeding lofty or great and means are increasingly various also, include artificial interpreter, mechanical interpreter, translation software and the localization that the website nods to wait a moment, construction of echelon formation of service qualified personnel also gets attention with each passing day. However, with tremendous interpreter demand incongruous is, at present although interpreter market dimensions of China passes one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, and translation firm of home can digest 10 % left and right sides only now. As a result of the inadequacy of talent, technology, much foreign language information does not have an interpreter. Because cannot digest the iformation flow that comes from international, bring about China to lose much commercial chance. Language exceeding lofty or great issues an expert to point out, what a variety of elements are restricting home to translate the market is fast, develop continuously.
Because think to translate the market to sudden huge profits can pursue, the person interfuse that does not have interpreter ability and experience in great quantities translator, interpreter quality gets ensuring hard, translation quality is inferior. Ceng Jianrui ground points out expert of below language exceeding lofty or great a few senior interpreters at present Chinese interpreter bound is existing generally blundering, eager for quick success and instant benefit, professional skill the atmosphere with low, gainful heart of finite, interpret, this kind of state damaged the interpreter serves the integral figure of the market and credit greatly.
Small company of home market interpreter is much, at present big the company is little, year the transducer compose that turnover exceeds 5 million yuan and enterprise are very few, and this does not have well-known interpreter trademark among them, cannot rise to lead goodly to the market with normative action. When international interpreter tycoon marchs in a large-scale Chinese market when, china translates an enterprise to be in a group without leader condition basically, cannot take out the product that comparatives to it and service to contend.
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