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Current our country translates the problem that exists in the job and countermea

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Strengthen industry government, drive what our country translates an industry to be able to develop continuously
(speech summary)
Liu Xiliang
China translates association chairman

A few restricts its to develop main factors that this gist speech analysed current China to translate industrial interface to face and problem. Translate core competition ability of the industry to raise China, realize those who translate an industry to be able to develop continuously, the spokesman offers proposal of the following countermeasure:
One, strengthen industry self-discipline and management further;
2, drive an interpreter relevant of each state level make and perfect;
3, build each interpreter to evaluate a mechanism;
4, effective conformity translates resource, the scale that implements interpreter industry develops;
5, optimize interpreter professional and interpreter faculty;
6, publicize the interpreter career, rights and interests that safeguards interpreter worker energetically;
7, the full-scale development that strengthens pair of interpreter industries is investigated.
(article origin: Chinese net)