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Translate even if create a kind of new language

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Song heart ever had said, “ interpreter, create a kind of new language ” namely. Yesterday, “ translates a bound the congress of say interpreter of the 18th world of Olympic ” undertakes the following day, many expert offerred his view.

Interpreter, give different language same position

“ interpreter, gave different language same positional ” , international translates an allied chairman Bi De to point out, effective interpreter, can help more person experience more culture, see more broad world.

His citing says, in Africa a few countries, translator translates a lot of abroad and outstanding work into the language of ” of small language of local alleged “ to be published, although local does not learn French, English, also can read Mo Li sad work. A kind of language can translate “ into another kind, virtually makes two kinds of languages are in coequal position ” . Bi De says: “ although I did not contact Chinese, but I extend place to teach hard the foreign language education of the university. The Ximixiegen that ” teachs in this German professor university, chinese had become a student to choose the most welcome foreign language in class process. Look in him, learn a language, also be understanding what different culture, equality communicates is good cut a point.

Mother tongue, the core that is multiligualism nobel prize winner, Mexico is famous 1990 poetic Paasche, ever China interpret of a lot of word of Tang poetry the Song Dynasty become spanish. He translates Su Shi " Jiangchen child " , “ of the first word 10 years of life and death two boundless and indistinct ” , he is stated with two spanish, be being translated into Chinese again is “ 10 years, vaguer and vaguer, more and more distant, between the person that be born and dead ” . Look in many Chinese translator, method of this kind of interpret is accurate held textual spirit, this results from the Paasche passion to Chinese culture not only, more the sort of be more than equal to a task that cannot leave parent language of his base oneself upon.

Carl of director of total department of European Union interpreter · writings brush summary patrol thinks of · about the viewpoint that spoke many people: Mother tongue is multilingual core, the foreign language is driven in effort while character learns, must note the importance of mother tongue. This has a good command of the expert of 67 foreign languages, overall be in charge of the file data that the European Union language of 23 kinds of governments forms waiting to turn each other interpret, but that is having interpret of a variety of 500 “ language each other to set the work of ” . He thinks, mother tongue is the carrier of traditional culture and value not only, also be the basics that learns all and other language. “ if if you cannot use even your parent language adroitly, you do not have method study to use any other language ” for certain.
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