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Earnestly of sports interpreter talent needs " short-term carry fast "

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As Beijing the footstep of the Olympic Games is closer and closer 2008, the configuration of of all kinds economy around the Olympic Games is following one by one, sports is translated even if among them one. According to guarding estimation, sports of Beijing Olympic Games translates production value to will amount to 70 million yuan, need interpreter of nearly 10 thousand professional sports. And the findings report ——— that the China that released a few days ago is main attention group first times with interpreter " Chinese area dragoman lives state findings report " show, professional sports translates a talent to presenting huge gap, at present major of 10 thousand sports translates huge demand of the talent, must with science and technology through grooming two big steps give solve.

Afore-mentioned reports translate company of lifelike of ——— of partner of much language of worker association and only of website of government of Chinese Olympic committee to be released jointly by science and technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is the full-scale investigation that domestic head portion is aimed at interpreter. Share 15 thousand professional dragoman to accept investigation, 5% what occupy our country to have gross of about 300 thousand professional dragoman. Investigation shows, the dragoman that lives in Beijing area occupies 1/4 above of the whole nation, its the dragoman number of 6 kinds of languages takes Sino-British, law, heart, Russia, Han, day 98.4% , and other total scale of nearly 40 when be investigated small languages is less than 1.6% , small language translates a talent to be lacked relatively.

This investigation still shows, at present 26-40 year old in young dragoman is occupied 68% what share investigation number, be engaged in translating working 3-5 year with 6-10 year the backbone force that dragoman is dragoman team. Among them, the dragoman that has undergraduate course record of formal schooling is occupied 61% what share investigation number, the scale of Master and above record of formal schooling is 19% . The dragoman that is graduated from foreign language major is occupied 62% what share investigation number, translate what major teachs background to be occupied only 2% . In light of the statistic according to be good at a domain to dragoman, the dragoman scale that is good at sports interpreter is insufficient 1.3% , the row translates professional reciprocal 22 times entirely the 4th, professional dragoman is very in short supply still.

According to introducing, before dragoman is good at translating a domain to be on 3 is finance, electron, government sector respectively, the characteristic centers expression to be communication of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals frequent or foreign trade is active. After be good at a number be on 3 for herd of spin, aerospace, aricultural, the characteristic centers expression to be industry sex extremely strong or blame is popular industry. Translate shortage problem to professional sports, professor Li Yashu expresses vice-chairman of association of Chinese interpreter worker, should be in a year short the giant requirement that the Olympic Games satisfies to translate the market in time, on one hand, school of major of each foreign language and groom the orgnaization wants those who enhance advanced interpreter person with ability to groom, on the other hand, must method of high-tech of have the aid of, for dragoman “ short-term carry fast ” .
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